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Healthy Meals in a Snap

Football season is upon us again and that means football parties! When you host one of these parties, or even when you’re just enjoying a game with your family, make healthy snacks to munch on.

How do you go beyond simple “chips and dips,” while still keeping it quick and easy? How do you create tasty, healthy appetizers that don’t require long hours in the kitchen? There are lots of great appetizers that can be created in a snap.

Here are 5 ideas for your next party:

Parmesan Zucchini Sticks. Healthy finger foods that are … Read the rest

Healthy Meals in a Snap

When people think about salad, they often think of lettuce with maybe a sliced tomato  Salad_as_mealtossed in. But salads can be so much more. In fact, they can be an entire meal by itself, and they don’t have to include lettuce at all.

Salads make sense any time, but especially now with the weather heating up. Now is a good time to think about fixing meals that are cool and refreshing, as well as healthy. So, just what can go into a healthy salad?

Step 1: Decide on the base. Iceberg lettuce may be the … Read the rest

compulsive eatingDo you feel like you are losing control of your eating?  Compulsive eating is characterized by frequent episodes of uncontrollable eating and consequent weight gain.  An estimated eight million Americans are estimated to have an eating disorder with compulsive eating being one of the most common.  Compulsive eating is using food and eating as a way to hide from or manage emotions.  It may be to fill a void you fill inside or to cope with the daily stresses or problems that life brings.

Signs and Symptoms of Compulsive Eating
Compulsive eaters feel out of control and are aware that … Read the rest