We often read about fad diets today. There seems to be a never-ending list of them – the 1 day diet, the 3 day diet, the cabbage soup diet, the chicken soup diet, even the lemonade diet (yes, there really is one!). And they all claim that they are the secret to great health. The claims made by these diets are many times backed up by some Hollywood star’s endorsement.

But do they really work? Are fad diets really healthy? The short answer to both questions is “no.” Fad diets are just that, a “fad.” Anyone can make up a diet, write a book and become an “expert.” Diets are not regulated by any government authority, so it’s really anything goes!

That’s why it is so refreshing to see a star like Jennifer Aniston get up and say that fad diets are not the way to go. She recently told Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, “I eat well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to. My advice for living a healthy life is to stop eating [junk] every day.” This is great advice.

At Vitaerobics, we encourage people to eat the foods they love, but in moderation. And indulge a bit from time-to-time. Eating should be enjoyable, not a chore, and fad diets should be avoided. By eating a variety of healthy foods and exercising, almost anyone can achieve a healthy weight.

As we get ready to start 2012, keep this approach in mind. Your New Year’s resolutions should include eating healthy. Don’t deny yourself the foods you love. Instead make a resolution to eat right by including a wide variety of healthy foods in your diet.

Remember, healthy choices you make each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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