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Overcoming Portion Distortion eBookOvercoming Portion Distortion eBook

It’s hard to eat healthy in today’s world of extra large portions, value meals, and super-sizing. But, It doesn’t have to mean missing out, either. Almost anyone can eat healthy without giving up the foods you love. Whether you’re looking for a few simple changes that you can make today or for a way to completely transform your family’s eating habits forever, this book will help you.

This book is for you if you want to:

  • Eat less and still feel satisfied
  • Stop feeling guilty about what you eat
  • Enjoy meals with family and friends without counting calories
  • Eat the same foods that everyone else is eating
  • Teach your family healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime
  • Be a role model for healthy eating that your whole family will want to imitate
  • Make healthy eating fit your lifestyle – whatever your lifestyle is
  • Ensure that your family minimizes the risk of weight and nutrition-related health issues
  • Create exciting, flavorful, inexpensive, easy-to-prepare meals that your family will love


Tip Sheets6 of Our Favorite Tip Sheets

Eating healthy can be simple, affordable and fun too! Whether you’re looking for the secrets to faster meals, how to get the most value when you eat out, or how to stock your kitchen for healthy eating, it’s all here plus more. We combed through our huge library of tip sheets and found 6 of the most popular ones to get you started on your way to a healthy future for yourself and those you love.

These tip sheets include:

  • Food Package Marketing Claims – Every wonder just what those “Low Fat” and “Lean” on food packages actually mean? This tip sheet provides you with the meanings behind 16 of the most common marketing claims so you can shop with confidence.
  • 3 Week Plan for Better Meals – Do you dread the question, “What’s for dinner?” This tip sheet will give you ideas for 7 healthy breakfasts, 7 healthy lunches, and 7 healthy dinners. As a bonus, it also includes some shopping tips to help you stretch your food dollar.
  • 3 Steps for Better Eating Out – Eating at restaurants can be a real challenge. This tip sheet shows you how to read menus, make requests, and enjoy restaurants while still eating healthy.
  • Secret to Faster Meals – Do you feel like you don’t have time to cook healthy meals? This tip sheet gives you the secrets behind cooking healthy without spending all your time in the kitchen.
  • Healthy Shopping List – This tip sheet makes shopping for healthy foods easy. It lists more than 100 healthy foods. All you need to do is fill in the quantities of the ones you want, then go to the market.
  • Stock Your Kitchen – The secret to preparing healthy meals is to have the right ingredients on hand. This tip sheet will help you make sure your kitchen has all the staples on hand.

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