400-posts250It’s hard to believe, but this is our 400th blog post! How did we get to 400, you may ask? It is a cliché, but I can tell you that it was just one post at a time!

It’s the same approach we teach in our Eat Great, Live Well Program. We help participants in this life-changing program make small, healthy choices each day that, over time, make a huge difference in your health. Unlike most popular diets, we believe that you don’t have to make wholesale changes in your eating patterns to get healthy or lose weight. These big changes just aren’t sustainable and that’s why so many people get caught up in “yo-yo dieting.” That’s when you lose weight on a diet only to gain it right back when you stop your diet. This isn’t healthy.

Instead, if you can just make one small change today, and another small change tomorrow, and so on, you will transform your health and your life very quickly without feeling the pressure of changing your entire diet overnight or giving up the foods you love.

If you don’t believe it, then look at this post as proof. We started out a few years ago by posting our first blog article. The next day we posted another one, and then another, and another. Sometimes we posted one article a day and sometimes just one article a week, but we kept posting. In other words, we kept making small, incremental changes. And now, we are at 400 posts!

Try it yourself. Make a single, small change to the way you eat today, then another one, and another. See what a difference it makes in your health and your life over time. And, let us know how you’re doing too! Post your successes on our facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Vitaerobics.

To learn more about healthy eating and how you can transform your life, check out our Eat Great, Live Well Program. It will show you how to eat well and be healthy without giving up the foods you love! What have you got to lose, except some unhealthy habits!

Remember, healthy choice each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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