yogurt-parfait200Remember what your mom used to say? “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And no…coffee is not breakfast.  There are mornings when you barely have time to brush your teeth, so eating healthy can be quite the challenge.  Luckily, eating well doesn’t need to take up a lot of your valuable time.  There are healthy—and quick—breakfast ideas to keep you feeling energized and have healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  And, when you eat a healthy breakfast, it leads to healthier food choices throughout the rest of your day. 

If you are a busy mom on the go, you need to be able to make something fast in the mornings. 

Here are 5 simple, quick and healthy breakfast ideas when you’re trying to get yourself and your family out the door in the morning.  These breakfasts will save you time and give you the nutrients you need to kick start your day.

Yogurt Parfait

Combine ½ cup of Greek yogurt, your favorite berries, some granola and two tablespoons of slivered almonds. Not only is it refreshing, but it is rich in protein.  Greek yogurt has double the protein of typical yogurts.


There are many variations of a healthy smoothie that you can blend up in a short amount of time. One healthy smoothie option is to blend together protein powder, almond milk, Greek yogurt and any combination of fruit.  Combine all your ingredients in the blender (and put the blender in the fridge) before you go to bed and all you have to do is push start in the morning!            

Banana & Almond Butter Toast

Bananas and whole-grain bread are high in resistant starch, which helps to boost metabolism.  Almond butter adds protein and monounsaturated fats.


Steel-cut oatmeal is the most nutritious and you can prepare it ahead of time for the whole week.  Add some berries, nuts and drizzle agave nectar over the top. 

Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are loaded with protein and nutrients to help keep you alert and energetic throughout the day.  Hard boiled eggs can be prepped the night before to save time.  Enjoy one sliced on a whole-wheat English muffin with a side of fruit. 

So put down that doughnut and drive-thru breakfast sandwich—a fast breakfast can still be healthy! Try using these healthy breakfast ideas for a nutritious and quick meal today!

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