plant-based-diet200Most of my blogs speak to a large audience because I hate ever excluding anyone from anything!  But every once in a while, I draw back towards my heart-center, and feel the desire to speak to my dearest inner circle, the female spiritual warriors around me whose lives so much mirror mine. Like me, they love what they do, but they do it with such an intense passion that at times they find themselves burned out and stressed out. How can we walk the walk and talk the talk if we are literally FRAZZLED and FRIED?

It’s so important that we keep on this journey, because the world needs us now more than ever before. It is no easy task ahead of us, but we can do it as long as we nourish our selves as well. So here then are my 5 best stress-busting secrets that allow me to find my center and keep my calm through every storm:

1) Create a Sacred Morning Ritual – If you were to have the best morning experience possible, every day, what would that look like? For me, it starts with a morning meditation, then making coffee while I feed the birds, sitting outside savoring that first cup of coffee while the sun rises. Then it’s off to the gym for working my body with weights, or my mind with yoga, or my heart with dance, or my soul with a nice long walk on the beach. The way you begin your day sets the stage for the rest of the day, and when you begin your day with self-care, you are setting the stage for a stress-free day. If you were to create your ideal morning ritual, what would it look like? Take a minute and write it down.

2) Create a Sacred Office Space – Create a sacred office environment that is conducive to relaxation.  Start by de-cluttering your space, think Zen Office. We live in an amazing age where we don’t necessarily need to have hard copies of everything everywhere anymore!  Think about all five senses. What do you want to see, hear, smell, taste, touch every day while you work in that calm space? Think about the four classical elements. Bring in some living plants for your earth element, some candles for your fire element, a fountain for your water element, and small wind chimes to hang in the open window for your air element. So, what needs to be done in your office space to make it a more sacred space? Set aside some time this weekend to make it happen.

3) Create a Sacred Mid-Day Ritual – We must honor ourselves enough to give ourselves a sacred mid-day ritual that involves slowly and mindfully eating a nourishing, healthy meal, sitting outside in the sunshine, cell phone off and away, for one hour. A tech break for the mind while you absorb some vitamin D sunshine (not enough Vitamin D will often show up as depression and anxiety). If you are with friends, keep the conversation positive and nurturing. If you are alone, take some time to  close your eyes and meditate.

4) Create a Sacred Evening Ritual – Our minds create stress and anxiety when we are lacking in sleep. 7-9 hours of sleep each night is crucial to keeping your mind calm and alert throughout the day.  Research has shown that while we sleep, our physical brains are actively being literally cleaned out with intercranial fluid, so a good nights sleep is not only the best thing you can do for your physical health, but also for your mental health.  And the best way to get a good night’s sleep is with a sacred evening ritual. Turning off all electronics – TV, computer, cell phone – one hour before sleep. Take a bath in Epsom salts to soak up the calming magnesium, and lavender oil for relaxation.  Read or journal in bed.  Pamper yourself with the extra comfy PJ’s and the extra comfy bedding.  Write your list of things-to-do tomorrow, and let it go. It’s written down, so now you can rest and nourish your mind with sleep.

5) Create a Sacred You – You have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.”  But it’s true.  Every cell in our body regenerates every 2 years, and we build those cells with what we eat.  Our minds can only be as healthy as our bodies, so the best way to have a healthy mind is to nourish a healthy body. There are lots of nutritionists out there with a thousand different ideas on how to best feed our physical bodies. But as soul-based entrepreneurs, we need more than that. We must strive for a sacred body, so that we can do our sacred work.  The ONLY way to do this is to feed ourselves a 100% plant-based diet.  Numerous studies shown that vegetarians, on average, are 30 pounds lighter, are at much lower risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, and live 6-10 years longer.  But also, we know that food contains energy. Plants contain a vibrant, living, healing energy; meat contains a dark, violent, fearful energy.  The stress hormones released by the terrorized steer moments before his slaughter, or the mama cow screaming as yet another newborn calf is taken away… all this terror and anguish goes into meat and dairy, creating toxic energy, which we then consume. Do you want to continue feeding your mind with fear, your heart with anguish, and your soul with sadness? Or will you take a deep breath now and contemplate giving up meat and dairy for a day, a week, maybe a month, and see how you feel? The only way to create a sacred temple for your soul is to nourish all aspects of your self, not just your body. The only way to allow your soul to vibrate on a higher plane with an elevated intensity is to clear your karma of all violence, and the only way to do that is to eat peace.

The divine in me bows to the divine in you.


~  Laura


About the Author: Laura Robinson Oatman is an author, speaker, wellness guru, and Warrior for Peace.  She educates, supports, and empowers individuals and groups toward a sustainable, holistically healthy life rooted in a vegan diet. She offers one-to-one coaching and motivational speaking, leads workshops and group programs, and takes clients on amazing wellness journeys worldwide.  She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, a Certified Ayurvedic Educator from the California College of Ayurveda, and a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist from eCornell. Her company, Whole Earth Wellness, is an Educational Alliance Partner with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, DC.  Her newly released book, Whole Earth Diet: Healthy Body. Happy Life. Peaceful World. is the foundation for her holistic Whole Earth Wellness philosophy, and lays the groundwork for many more books to come.


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