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Johnell Borer McCauley
Owner of Vitaerobics, Food Psychology Coach, Nutrition Specialist

Johnell Borer McCauley is owner of Vitaerobics, a Certified Food Psychology Coach, nutrition expert, Certified Kid’s Nutrition Specialist, speaker and best-selling author. Her approach to helping people eat more healthfully empowers them to create a healthy future for themselves and the ones they love.

Blending her passion for helping people with her knowledge of nutrition and psychology, Johnell creates lasting life-long change that goes deeper than just exercise and dieting. She focuses on the root causes behind our food choices, making it possible for almost anyone to break old eating habits and take control of their health; building a healthy relationship with food while still enjoying the foods they love. Through Vitaerobics, Johnell is committed to helping more than 10 million people eat healthier, and reversing the alarming trend of childhood obesity in the U.S.

A supporter, teacher and coach, Johnell specializes in helping individuals and groups clearly define their goals and then coaching them to reach those goals.

In 1984, Vitaerobics was founded by Johnell’s parents, John and Pat Borer, after Johnell’s father suffered a severe heart attack. Witnessing her father’s health problems and struggling with her own weight as a child, Johnell understands firsthand how difficult it can be to change your habits. After following the principles now embodied in the Vitaerobics’ program, Nutrition Unmasked, she lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for over 20 years!

After taking over the company with her husband Michael in 2010, they have significantly expanded the company’s reach, bringing the Vitaerobics approach directly to consumers everywhere. To date, Vitaerobics has helped more than 750,000 people live healthier lives, and they’re just getting started!

Michael McCauley
Owner of Vitaerobics, Personal Fitness Chef and Nutrition Expert

Michael McCauley is co-owner of Vitaerobics, a Certified Personal Fitness Chef, nutrition expert, speaker and author, and an acknowledged expert on the neuroscience of personal change. As creator of Vitaerobics’ signature programs, Michael is helping people everywhere to make healthy choices every day.

Michael uses his culinary skills to bring flavor and fun to healthy eating, while his expertise in the neuroscience of personal change enables him to guide people to make rapid and lasting transformations.

In 1978, Michael married Johnell Borer, who would change not only his personal life, but his professional life as well. After Vitaerobics was founded in 1984 by Johnell’s parents, John and Pat Borer, Johnell’s mother discovered that managing fat intake is one of the keys to maintaining good health and had an idea to create what would become the Fat Finder Calculator™. She called upon Michael and his engineering expertise to design the simple device people can use to quickly and easily calculate the amount of fat in food, and it’s still one of the company’s best-selling products 26 years later.

Michael and Johnell have brought new life, information and technology to Vitaerobics, making it easier than ever for people to make better food choices for themselves and their families. Michael has personally experienced how healthy eating can improve the quality of life, both his own and that of others. In fact, he followed the principles in the company’s five-step “P.O.W.E.R. Path to Healthy Eating” to lose 30 pounds, and he has kept the weight off for more than 15 years.

Before officially taking over Vitaerobics with his wife in 2010, Michael spent a number of years managing groups and projects as a consultant to executives at some of the world’s largest companies.

The Vitaerobics Story

Vitaerobics was started in 1986 by my parents, John and Patricia Borer. Here is their story.

Pat and John Borer

My mom picked my dad up at the airport on that fateful Friday evening in 1980 and immediately knew something was wrong. It was worse than she imagined. My dad had suffered a heart attack and needed immediate surgery. Looking back, his heart attack shouldn’t have been a surprise. His great grandfather, his grandfather and his father all had heart attacks and died at an early age. End of story…or was it?

You see, my dad took control of his health and lived another 16 active and healthy years. He got to know 19 of his grandchildren because of the lifestyle changes he made. In turn, they had the gift of a grandfather in their lives. And, it all started by changing one belief—the belief that he could take control of his health, rather than his health controlling him. The whole family benefitted, not just from the extra years with him, but also from the things he and my mom shared with all of us as they became health and nutrition experts.

One of the things that my parents learned was that only 20% of health issues are caused by genetics. The other 80% are a result of lifestyle choices that we make each day. My parents also found that many of the health issues that people think are genetic are actually a result of people practicing the same unhealthy habits they learned growing up. By changing the belief that his health was predetermined by genetics, my dad changed the end of his own story, and the stories of generations to come. How powerful is that?

Today as the new owners of Vitaerobics, Michael and I continue to share the time-tested principles that saved my dad’s life—understand what you are eating, and make healthy choices each day.

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