own-your-thoughts300That tool you might ask, “is what”?  Well, simply put……… Your THOUGHTS!

Nothing can be brought into form without first Creating it in your Mind.  NOTHING!

Most of us, at least one point in our life, have believed that Life just happens to us.  That we have no control as to Life’s circumstances.  It’s just bad luck.  We don’t ever seem to catch a break.

Yet, my observations and communications with these “unlucky” people . . .  the ones with such supposedly bad luck, is that they believe Life is unfair.

If you are one of these people, then I challenge you look at Life as the highly successful people do.  They see Life as a series of riddles to be solved or opportunities to expand their consciousness.  They don’t see Life as unfair, or even fair.  They just “See” Life, as . . . Life.

For when we are “Seeing” a circumstance as bad, and even good for that matter, we are labeling the experience.  Labels are like placing that experience into a box.  As though it could be measured or weighed.

Yet, when we have a “positive” / “good” experience the photo we show or the description we offer to our friends and family is NEVER sufficient to the actual EXPERIENCE itself.  True?

Now, “Seeing” the Experience as Life’s way of giving us feedback is far healthier and much more enjoyable as well.  Feedback is just that . . . Life giving us back what we “FEED” it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Although, it’s not the result that’s important, it’s our initial thoughts and our response to the event that will CREATE the World we call our present Life.

Did you know researchers tell us we have approximately 60,000 thoughts each day?  That approximately 98% of our thoughts are repeated each day AND that approximately 80% are negative?  It’s true.

So, why don’t we wire our thoughts to “See” the beauty in all things?  Because most researchers believe we are hard-wired to have negative thoughts.  It’s the survival mechanism of always looking for the predators out there hunting us.

So, if they are correct in that belief, that we are wired to be negative, then it’s even more imperative to not label experiences, or even thoughts, as positive or negative.  Just see it as feedback.

Just allow yourself to listen to the World give you feedback every day.  And, if you like what the World is telling you, then continue that thinking, those feelings and those actions, and you will continue to reap more of the same.  If you don’t want more of that result, then Transform your thoughts, feelings and actions to CREATE a new outcome.

Isn’t this Life Wonderful?  I guess it depends on how you look at it and what you look at, right?  Well, I “SEE” Beauty all around me on a daily basis!  And you can too!

About the Author: Dr. L. Jon Porman is a Sports Performance and Sports Injury Specialist who has worked with more than 950 professional and Olympic athletes from 27 countries. He can be reached at SuccessofaChampion@gmail.com.

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Stressed“Like the stars you twinkle and catch my eye pulling my focus to a new way.
Where a woman can give fully from her heart again and again and again.
She can create power and abundance in her world from her own internal supply.
Yes she can be disciplined and knowledgeable, yet natural and free.
Blazing on and on and on in speed unbounded in potential and laughter.
A reflection that brightens the midnight sky illuminated for all a shinier way to be.”

One of the women that I worked with wrote the above poem for me as a gift.

The message is a profound testimonial for the work we did together. How are you investing in yourself to step more fully into your shining and to give of your gifts into the world without wiping yourself out? That is the key question in the work that I do to support you to manage your stress so you can have more harmonious relationships, better health and to feel passion for what you do.

There is a fine line where you can give too much, over commit and spread yourself too thin. Learning to dance on the edge of giving your energy to others and finding ways to receive energy to restore and refuel your internal tank is a lifestyle choice where you invest in yourself to replenish your energy that you are giving to others.

If you look at energy resources as your checking account, you are constantly giving your energy out into the world for your family, your work and your projects. Overtime, if you keep writing checks and withdrawing from the ATM, you will deplete your energy resources. Once your checking account is empty, you will withdraw from your savings account know as your life force energy also known as Chi or Ki. This is a bigger problem as you deplete these internal stores of energy because once you have tapped out your savings account you are likely burned out or having significant health issues or both.

I help you to refuel your energy bank by prioritizing yourself and how you commit to activities that boost your energy through relaxation, pleasure and fun. Refueling your energy bank is an essential part of how you invest in your SELF as much as you give to others. Investing in your energy bank is linked to living your personal values and will help you to feel resilient against stress in a busy life.


About the Author: Sara Regester, Stress Management Specialist can help you to turn your stressful lifestyle into a successful lifestyle. Go to www.Directions4Wellness.com and download your Free E-Book; The True Cost of Stress and schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation.


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Super-Green-Detox-Drink250Intuitively you know it’s time to pick up your health game. Everyday, or most everyday, you wake up feeling tired before your day even begins. You experience a chronic cough. Maybe stiff joints.

Perhaps lower back pain or belly bloat. Maybe even moodiness, brain fog and/or poor concentration… and it’s impacting your productivity at work, in your life, in your relationships and at home.

Feeling less than great is your new normal and you don’t like it. You want to feel energetic again. You want to be able to exceed the results you once were able to consistently produce.

You want to focus your energy on moving forward and ‘squeezing more out of life,’ rather than focusing on chronic symptoms, doctors visits, medications and poor business and life results.

You want to reclaim “I am the Captain of my fate mode again,’ rather than reactionary mode preoccupied with symptoms.

I offer you a foundational credo from my coaching practice that I recommend to all my clients.

I call it Green 3-Ways.

Integrate Green 3-Ways daily and you will begin to shift the quality of your life in ways you never imagined possible from food alone.

Your energy will skyrocket. Your ability to focus, concentrate and remember will sharpen! Your digestion will get stronger and your moods will feel balanced.

Chronic symptoms will begin to subside and renewed energy and clarity will captivate your attention so much that you will feel compelled to up level your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle game.

Green Vegetable Juice

Fresh pressed green vegetable juice alone is a total game changer and my first recommendation for healing the body and reclaiming your health (yes think all the attributes associated with youth). Think an IV infusion of pure vitamin and mineral-water-rich, enzyme-active and phytonutrient laden fuel directed straight to your cells and tissues, and you’d be spot on.

Green vegetable juice requires no digestive fire (energy), so you deeply nourish every cell, tissue and organ in your body, without expending energy. Begin your day, ‘break your fast’ with green juice to support your body’s renewal, revitalizing and rebooting processes and seriously … watch the magic begin!

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies are a hot-ticket healthy drink for many these days. Why? Essentially, you can create a whole, nutrient-dense ‘meal-in-a’glass’ as the best fast-food option possible. Think liquid salad with endless ways to ‘beef up’ the nutrition you want to add to your meal in very delicious blends.

Because smoothies are whole food combinations, they are more satiating than a juice and will easily hold you through that board meeting you’ve got to attend.

By adding ingredients like kale or spinach, almond butter or avocado, with fresh berries or a green apple, you retain all the fiber of each ingredient, so smoothies ‘hold you longer,’ and very easily stand in as a meal replacement. Do note, many pre-made or ‘smoothie-bar’ smoothies are laden with sugar and unhealthy additives, so are not a healthy alternative. If it works better for you to buy your smoothie, find a smoothie/juice bar that offers whole food and fresh blends made to order for you.

Green Salad

I recommend a ‘giant-sized’ salad as a meal everyday — yes, a salad that you once might have made for a first course for your whole family will now be your lunch or dinner.

Include your favorite green and/or wild lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and especially sprouts, avocados and olives. You can even make a salad of just simple greens, but do note that ingredients like sprouts peak in nutritional value, and avocados and olives will satiate you and satisfy you because of their healthy plant-based fats.

To dress your salad, I recommend two of my favorite, but ‘atypical’ mouth-watering delicious ‘dressings as ‘new’ lighter fare recommendations — fresh marinara or fresh salsa. Both ‘dressings’ will transform your salad to a whole ‘next-level-healthy-salad-experience’ while keeping fat to a minimum (No I am not recommending against healthy plant-based fats. Healthy fats are essential, but layering an oil based dressing on top of olives and/or avocados is more than you need.)

Even when on a business luncheon, ask your server to bring a side of marinara or salsa with your salad … everyone at the table will be envying you and your healthy choice!

When making your salad at home, I recommend, when possible, to buy your greens, lettuces and vegetables from your local farmer. Research says that local and seasonal produce peaks in flavor and nutritional density.

With this 3-way formula, including a green juice, a green smoothie and a ‘giant-sized’ green salad everyday, you will exponentially increase the density of nutrition you take in everyday.

You will decrease inflammation and lighten the digestive energy required to process the heavier foods we’ve all been acculturated to associate with common meal options.

Green 3-Ways will change your life in a very pleasing and unexpected ways!


About the Author: Carol Egan is an Executive Health Coach who helps smart, committed professionals look and feel younger so they can create a life they love. She believes that, with the right information, the foods we eat can heal and energize the body, help you lose weight naturally, and increase your productivity, creativity and performance. Learn more about Carol, her approach to health and her business at www.Carol-Egan.com.

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women-exercising200Let’s face it.  Exercise can become just another boring task in our lives…that is IF we even find the time for it.   Some people are lacking motivation and passion, thus never really starting a fitness program. Others may be utterly frustrated because they try hard at times but always seem to lose momentum, running out of steam and never really sticking with anything very long.  Yet others still have all the best intentions, do their homework, plan it out but allow life to prevent them from starting.  If you relate with any of these, I have good news for you!

Our bodies are a gift, and without good health, we won’t be able to fulfill purpose.  So no matter where you fall, keeping your exercise fresh and exciting will help you stick with it!  So, the first step is to realize that you aren’t like anyone else. If you have been trying to follow someone else’s exercise program, STOP!  We are each uniquely created and approach life (and exercise) differently.  Therefore, we can develop a fitness routine that works with us, not against us.  Did you hear me?  We are going to look at how YOU need to workout.  When it is right for you, you’ll enjoy it.  And when you enjoy something, you’ll do it more often. Guess what happens then?  You will get results.

Ask yourself these simply questions to start: Do you consider yourself to be more outgoing or reserved?  We can be both, but which do you feel most comfortable?  Do you typically prefer to do something versus be with people?  If you had to pick a task or a person, which would you select?

Now read below to find the fitness program that works for you!

For those of us who answered outgoing/task, we are FAST individuals.  We work out because we decide to. We are decision makers with goals.  If we chose being fit as a goal, then most likely, we will develop an intense, fast-paced program and stick to it.  A caution here is to make sure we include safety.  Don’t overdo it and don’t forget to stretch. We can be in too much of a hurry and so focused on the outcome that we forget basic common sense principles.  Options to set yourself up for success are competitive sports, races and goal-oriented fitness regimes.

If you said you are more outgoing but enjoy people, then you are a FUN person.  You want to have fun while you work out.  Being in groups will be critical to your success.  Sign up for group fitness classes and get to know the people in the class.  When others you know will be there, you will want to be there as well.  You don’t want to miss out!  If you don’t know anyone, then you may be easily distracted by other things and not make it to the gym at all.  Don’t try to do it all at once. You may tend to be over zealous with your routine and then burn yourself out quickly.  Try to start off slow with small goals that you can achieve and make sure to celebrate your victories!  And, don’t buy a home-gym system.  It will probably just collect dust. Get out there!

For those of you who responded to reserved/people, you are FRIENDLY.  Working out isn’t the issue for you…it’s about people.  You can care more about other people and being friendly with them than you do your own health.  You’ll probably enjoy one-on-one sessions at the gym, so a workout partner is paramount to your success.  You can be with them and work on your health at the same time.  Allow plenty of time to talk and catch up.  Don’t rush it.  Select activities you enjoy that include people like walking, biking, playing volleyball or hiking.  You’ll find it much easier to avoid the gym and be with friends, but don’t fall into the trap.  You can have both by scheduling time with friends at the health club.  A perfect option for you is Curves® and don’t forget to include the entire family.  When you do that, everyone wins!

If you are the reserved type who prefers tasks, then you are more FACTUAL.  You simply need to schedule the time in on your calendar.  Knowing the fact that being healthy and fit is important, you will treat your fitness schedule like any other meeting or event.  You won’t miss it or be late.  One challenge you may have is scheduling the same old routine.  Make sure you change it up once in a while to give your body a break and concentrate on different areas.  And, don’t get paralyzed by researching the ultimate, perfect plan.  With the Internet, you could get lost in information gathering and never start anything.  Set a deadline for yourself, select what will work for you and then do it!

We are all uniquely created with different personality styles, and it definitely impacts all aspects of our lives, including working out.  I encourage you to begin developing your fitness program based upon your style so that it fits you and sets you up for success!  Remember, when you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to stick to it.  Here’s to FINALLY being fit and staying that way!

About the Author: Lorraine Bossé-Smith is a certified professional behavior analyst (CPBA) who has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs across the country. She is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, business consultant, executive coach, behavioral-wellness expert, and author of eight published books who helps companies rewire their business for success and inspires people toward a healthier, more balanced life. She can be reached at www.lorrainebosse-smith.com

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menopause_symptomsOne of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they can’t lose weight no matter how much they diet and exercise. This is incredibly frustrating!

Unfortunately, it may have nothing to do with what YOU’RE doing.

It may be your hormones.

Hormone imbalances lead to difficulty losing weight and an increased risk of obesity and they can’t be solved by dieting alone. If you’ve been unsuccessful at losing weight chances are one or more the following hormonal imbalances could be the problem:

1. Inflammation

Digestive disorders, allergies, autoimmune disease, arthritis, asthma, eczema, acne, abdominal fat, headaches, depression or sinus disorders are ALL associated with chronic inflammation, which has become recognized as the root cause of obesity and most diseases associated with aging.

Inflammation causes production of cortisol which is associated with that muffin top you just can’t lose.

2. Too much insulin

Insulin’s main function is to process carbohydrates in the bloodstream and carry them into cells to be used as fuel or stored as fat. The main culprits in this imbalance are: stress, consuming too many nutrient-poor carbohydrates (the type found in processed foods, sugary drinks and sodas, packaged low-fat foods and artificial sweeteners), insufficient protein intake, inadequate fat intake and low fiber consumption.

Heart palpitations, sweating, poor concentration, weakness, anxiety, fogginess, fatigue, irritability or impaired thinking are common short-term side effects of high insulin. Your body typically responds to these unpleasant feelings by making you think you’re hungry, which causes you to reach for high-sugar foods and drinks. It’s a vicious cycle which only furthers weight gain and ups your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Depression or anxiety

Serotonin exerts a powerful influence over our mood, emotions, memory, cravings (especially for carbohydrates), self-esteem, pain tolerance, sleep habits, appetite, digestion and body temperature regulation. When we’re depressed or down, we naturally crave more sugars and starches to stimulate the production of serotonin. And then we become more depressed because we’re gaining weight. The stress of this creates more cortisol which creates more cravings!

4. Chronic stress

Under situations of chronic stress — whether the stress is physical, emotional, mental or environmental, real or imagined — our bodies release high amounts of the hormone cortisol. If you have a mood disorder like anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder or exhaustion, or if you have a digestive issue such as irritable bowel syndrome, you can bet your body is cranking up your cortisol….even if you don’t FEEL stressed.

Prolonged stress results in a raging appetite, metabolic decline, belly fat and a loss of hard-won, metabolically active muscle tissue. In other words, stress makes us soft, flabby and much older than we truly are! And it wears out our poor little adrenal glands, resulting in adrenal fatigue.

5. High levels of estrogen

Researchers have identified excess estrogen (in both sexes) to be as great a risk factor for obesity as poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

There are two ways to accumulate excess estrogen in the body: you either produce too much of it on your own or acquire it from your environment or diet. We’re constantly exposed to estrogen-like compounds in foods that contain toxic pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones. A premenopausal woman with estrogen dominance will likely have PMS, too much body fat around the hips and difficulty losing weight. Menopausal women and men with too much estrogen may experience low libido, memory loss, poor motivation, depression, loss of muscle mass and increased belly fat.

To compound all of this, fat cells MAKE estrogen…so the more fat you have, the higher your estrogen is likely to be.

6. Low testosterone

Testosterone enhances libido, bone density, muscle mass, strength, motivation, memory, fat burning and skin tone in both men and women. When testosterone is low, an increase of body fat and loss of muscle may still happen – even with dieting and exercise.

Testosterone levels tend to taper off with age, increased obesity and stress, but today men are experiencing testosterone decline much earlier in life — an alarming finding, considering low testosterone has been linked to depression, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and even death.

7. Hypothyroidism

Without enough thyroid hormone, every system in the body slows down. People who suffer from hypothyroidism feel tired and often have constipation and weight gain. Other common symptoms include extremely dry skin, hair loss, feeling cold, brittle hair, splitting nails, and decreased libido.

If you think you may have a thyroid condition, make sure your doctor assesses you and your full range of symptoms, not just your blood work. Even levels of TSH (an indicator of thyroid function) within the normal range have been proven to accelerate weight gain and to interfere with a healthy metabolic rate in both men and women.


About the Author: Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause and hormone expert, a pharmacist and the “Chief Mojo Officer” at her practice. Her mission is to help women who are struggling with the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. If you’d like to know more about the complexities of weight gain in midlife, please join me TONIGHT for Cracking the Midlife Weight Loss Code: Your 3-Step Plan to Stop the Yo-Yo FOREVER! You can find all the details at www.DrAnnaGarrett.com.

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