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childhoodobesity200Parents may be in denial when it comes to their kids’ weight.

About half of parents with overweight or obese children don’t think their kids are too heavy, a new study shows. This is true in the USA and around the world, the researchers found.

“Parents who underestimate their kids’ weight may not take action to encourage healthy behaviors that would improve their child’s weight and reduce their risk of future health conditions,” says lead author Alyssa Lundahl, a graduate student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

These findings come after a study released last week … Read the rest

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cornfield200Chefs, restaurant owners, packaged-food companies and health advocates everywhere are purging high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from their food. According to the Wall Street Journal, one San Diego restaurant spent several months and more than $15,000 making sure all of their sodas, cocktails, ice cream and sauces were HFCS-free. They are replacing it with sugar. But is HFCS really less healthy than the alternatives?

It turns out that much of the hoopla surrounding HFCS may be based more hype than fact. For chefs, restaurateurs and packaged-food companies, removing HFCS is part of a larger effort to create foods that … Read the rest

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Healthy Meals in a Snap

Soup is one of those food categories that can include almost anything. Soup can be a light appetizer or a full meal. It can include just about any type of meat, or no meat at all. It can be a warm, comfortable food on a cold day, or a nice, chilled side dish on a hot summer day.

Soups can be low in calories and fat while still being very filling, and that’s great for anyone trying to watch what they eat. Vegetable-based soups are a great option since they combine a high nutrient density … Read the rest

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Do you have picky eaters in your family?

Are you tired of cooking something different for each person at dinnertime?

Fixing a meal that satisfies everyone in the family can be a challenge. This is especially true when you have one or more picky eaters in the house. But, it can be done. You can spend less time in the kitchen and still prepare a meal that everyone will like. Each of the meal ideas below has one thing in common – it presents a selection of ingredients and then let’s each person choose the ones they want. Each one … Read the rest

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What to fix for dinner?

For many of us, that’s the question of the day – every day! Most people don’t have the time, energy or maybe even the skills to cook from scratch every day. So, what are your alternatives? For some, the solution is to swing by the pizza palace, the local burger joint, the Chinese takeout restaurant, or the frozen foods section in the local market.

But, what if you could make cooking easy and flavorful without hours in the kitchen? What if you could eat food from anywhere in the world any time? What if you … Read the rest

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