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I still believe that Halloween is a holiday invented by dentists! Nothing does a better or faster job of rotting kids’ teeth than sticky, chewy candy. (I’m joking, of course – I love dentists!)

And the expectations are high. Kids expect something good when they knock on your door and hold out their bag. I can still remember which houses in my neighborhood were known for the best treats, and on the flip side, which ones to avoid.

As we get ready for Halloween next week, it would be great if you could give out treats that were healthy (or … Read the rest

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As we move through the holiday season, here’s hoping you are enjoying time with your family and friends! The holidays can be lots of fun, and holiday foods can be great.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy holiday parties and still eat healthy too. So, think about your eating habits, but have fun too. After all, eating should be pleasurable. Food should feed your soul along with your body.

So, enjoy this holiday season, and eat healthy!

Check out our Nutrition Unmasked newsletter for great ideas to eat healthy. We publish it twice each month and it’s full of … Read the rest

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Eating healthy can seem almost impossible during the holiday season! We all tend to eat a bit more, and exercise a bit less at this time of year. But you can fix healthier meals that everyone will love, just by making a few simple substitutions.

This holiday season, instead of feeling bad about making and eating your favorite holiday dishes, how about taking those traditional recipes and modify them to start some new family traditions. With some simple substitutions, you can bump up the nutritional value while reducing fat, calories and sodium. And your guests will never know! In fact, … Read the rest

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How would you like to give yourself the best present possible this holiday season? How about giving yours the gift of healthy eating?

You know, food is a huge part of how we celebrate the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. By just doing a few simple things, you can have a great holiday, enjoy all your favorite foods, and still treat your body well. It’s not hard to cut calories and eat healthier. You just have to know how.

Follow the tips below to cut fat, salt and calories from your holidays while enjoying yourself at the … Read the rest

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I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! We spent it with our family and, as usual, have lots of leftovers. When the holidays are over and you still have lots of turkey left, what can you do with it all? Turkey sandwiches are good, but that gets old pretty fast. There are lots of low fat, healthy ways to use up that leftover turkey, so there’s every reason to have healthy holidays.

First, chop, dice or shred your leftover turkey, place it in resealable plastic bags, and put it in the refrigerator. That way, you can reach in for a … Read the rest

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