It turns out that the recent economic recession has resulted in at least one good thing – less eating out. A recent study by NPD Group found that millennials (those aged 18-34) are eating out in restaurants less, and this is something that no generation has done before them.

This is not good news for the restaurant industry, but it may be greatnews for your health. Most restaurant meals are significantly higher in sodium, fat and calories than similar meals cooked at home. So, eating more meals at home should result in a reduced intake of sodium and fat, and a reduction in total calories too.

Will this trend last? Unfortunately, probably not. All the data we have for previous generations shows that the percentage of meals eaten outside the home is increasing. That’s too bad. The recent downturn in restaurant meals is a great opportunity for many people to put themselves on a healthier path, so they should take advantage of it by developing healthy habits at home.

Cooking and eating more meals at home provide more opportunity to control what you eat, removing less healthy ingredients and substituting healthier ones. It also provides more opportunity for building family relationships. This is an opportunity to have conversations during meal preparation, as well as during the meal itself.

So, take advantage of the recent trend, even if you’re not part of the millennial generation. Prepare and eat more meals with your family and use the time to build healthy relationships.

Remember, healthy choices each day can transform families for generations! What choices will you make today?

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