Changing your diet to improve your health doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Here are some ideas for healthy alternatives. Make these tiny tweaks to your diet and you’ll eliminate those calories today!

Whole Wheat instead of White Bread
Whole wheat and grain helps to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Nuts instead of Crackers
Nuts can lower the risk of heart attacks and reduce bad cholesterol.  But eat sparingly since they are relatively high in calories.

Wheat instead of White Pasta
Whole wheat pasta contains soluble fiber which can help to lower cholesterol and help to make you feel full longer.

Sweet instead of White Potatoes
Sweet potatoes have more vitamin C, fewer calories, more fiber and fewer total carbs than white potatoes.

Quinoa instead of White Rice
Quinoa is high in fiber and protein. It can help you to cut calories and fill you up so that you end up eating less.

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