One of the first steps in creating a healthy eating plan is to understand what portion of your diet is fat calories. For packaged foods, the percentage of fat calories can be calculated quickly from the nutrition label on packaged foods. This information is required on almost all packaged foods by Federal regulation, so look for it. It is titled “Nutrition Facts” and may be located on a side or back panel, or in small letters just before the listing of ingredients on some smaller items. 

Restaurants are also required to provide nutrition facts by Federal regulation, although in many cases you will need to ask for them. There are also websites that provide nutrition facts for many popular restaurants. We have listed several good sources of nutrition facts for unpackaged foods like fruits, vegetables, meats and grains on our website at The percentage of fat calories can be calculated in any food when you know the number of fat grams and the total calories.  

We developed the Fat Finder™ calculator to quickly and easily do the math for you. Join the more than one half million people who are already using the Fat Finder™ calculator to learn more about the percentage of fat in their diets. The Fat Finder™ calculator provides a simple, quick, accurate answer to a complex question. Look on any food label and find the fat grams and the total calories per serving, then line up the numbers on the Fat Finder™ to get instant results.

Macaroni & Cheese (1 Cup Serving)

Calories………………….. 410
Protein……………………….. 9  grams
Carbohydrate……………. 48  grams
Fat……………………………. 20  grams
Sodium……………………. 580  milligrams

This example contains 44 percent fat!

Let’s look at an example. For macaroni and cheese, turn the wheel on the Fat Finder until the 20 on the inner circle (fat grams in one serving) is in line with the 410 on the outer circle (total calories in one serving). The Fat Finder™ shows that this food contains 44 percent fat calories.

To calculate the fat percentage manually, take the fat grams (20 in this example), multiply by 9 (the number of calories per fat gram), then divide by the total calories (410 in this example). If you do the math, you confirm that this example contains 44 percent fat!

The percentage of fat calories in a recipe can be calculated instantly when the number of fat grams contained in the recipe is listed – normally at the end of the recipe instructions. As consumers increase their awareness of ingredients, more and more printed recipes are listing this information. We believe this practice will increase as public awareness continues to grow.

To do your part, try to select cookbooks and culinary magazines that include nutrition facts with their recipes. As you become more aware of the percentage of fat in foods, you will begin to notice that many recipes found in cookbooks and magazines have hidden fat and cholesterol, so be careful.

BOTTOM LINE: Now you know how to calculate the percent of fat in your food! B.A. Fat Finder™.

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