healthy-choices-250 for Sept 15 PostEverywhere you turn there are books, magazines, TV shows, and articles about food and dieting. These sources of information are covered with do’s and don’ts about what to eat and not to eat, what’s healthy, what’s not, what’s good, and what’s bad – all with conflicting information. First it was low-fat, then it was low calories, then it was low carb, no-carb, low sugar, no sugar, unprocessed, and whole foods. It’s nearly impossible to navigate the health world without feeling confused, frustrated and afraid of what to eat.

This list says you can, another says you can’t. It’s no wonder we can’t make decisions about what to eat every day. You can spend hours mulling over food choices and meal planning.

Not far away are pictures of beautiful, fit, and “happy” women that you would pay a million dollars to look like. The goddesses that seem to have it all must be eating paleo, since that’s what works right now. Or maybe they’re raw vegan. How could I possibly stick to that?

The constant thoughts running through your head – if I looked like that I would have the confidence to focus on finding a better job, I would definitely be dating that handsome man who gets coffee at the same time as me every morning, I wouldn’t be worried about the way I looked all the time. And of course I would be way happier.

Modern day women have no choice but to think about food all of the time! You are bombarded by words and images that constantly remind you that you’re either not following the diet or you’re not thin enough. Failing a diet becomes an excuse to feel like you’re failing at life. Guilt, anxiety, and disappointment follow.

Instead of focusing on work, you’re freaking out about food. Instead of saying thank you when your boyfriend or spouse compliments you you’re worried about what you look like in your outfit. Instead of enjoying your friends at dinner you’re worried about what people will think of what you order.

Women have become obsessed with food, so much so that they can’t stop and enjoy life or be present with their friends and family.

There are four key points to freeing yourself from food obsession:

  • Give yourself unconditional permission to eat. Depriving ourselves of food and giving ourselves rules leads to overeating, binge eating, and food anxiety.
  • Learn to listen to your body’s natural body cues. Hunger, fullness, and cravings should be listened to and are the body’s way of signaling exactly how much and what to eat.
  • Learn to express your emotions and manage stress. This is key to preventing overeating and binge eating.
  • Respect your body and yourself. Treating yourself with care and also respect. Removing negative self-talk from your vocabulary and thoughts.

We have developed an online course, called Eat For Love that teaches women how to incorporate these four key components into their lives.

This course is all about taking simple steps and making little changes that result in dramatic breakthroughs that will change your eating habits and life forever.

During the Eat For Love 12-week course, you will uncover why you restrict, overeat, binge, or emotionally eat, and then experiment to find what works for YOUR life and lifestyle.

You will learn how to listen to your natural body cues so you can eat the foods you love without guilt and love how you look and feel. You will naturally begin to crave nourishing foods, without having to worry about your food choices anymore.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will be fully attuned to your body, trust yourself with food again, and have complete control over your eating habits. You will also learn how to overcome your negative self-talk, reduce stress levels, and fall in love with yourself from the inside out – enabling you to radiate with confidence!

Visit our website for more information about the Eat For Love Course, The next course begins September 27th.

It’s time to free yourself from food obsession and enjoy life and food again. It’s time to stop valuing yourself by the number on the scale and create the life of your dreams!


About the Authors: Hannah and Marisa are Certified Holistic Health Practitioners and the co-founders of Hello Beautiful Health; a platform for women that provides the tools to heal their relationship with food by re-learning their natural body cues. With a proven Step-by-Step Method, women free themselves from food anxiety and guilt, become fully attuned to their body and trust themselves with food again. In the process, women are able to regain complete control over their eating habits, overcome negative self-talk, reduce stress levels and love themselves from the inside out – giving them the confidence to pursue the career, relationship, and life of their dreams.

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