Healthy Meals in a Snap

Football season is upon us again and that means football parties! When you host one of these parties, or even when you’re just enjoying a game with your family, make healthy snacks to munch on.

How do you go beyond simple “chips and dips,” while still keeping it quick and easy? How do you create tasty, healthy appetizers that don’t require long hours in the kitchen? There are lots of great appetizers that can be created in a snap.

Here are 5 ideas for your next party:

Parmesan Zucchini Sticks. Healthy finger foods that are both salty and crunchy are a must at any party. And they’re really easy to make. Cut 3 large zucchini in half crosswise, then cut each half into wedges. Dip wedges in a scrambled egg or egg substitute, then roll them in a mixture of 1 cup breadcrumbs, 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Bake on a wire rack for 25 minutes at 400 degrees, or until golden brown. Serve with your favorite pasta sauce for dipping.

Orange-Spiced Pecans. This is another great crunchy snack. Combine 1 Tbsp of grated orange rind with 1 Tbsp or orange juice and 1 egg white. Stir in 2 cups of pecan halves and stir to coat. Add 1 Tbsp brown sugar and a sprinkle of salt and toss well (you can also add some ground chile pepper if you like things spicy!). Spread mixture on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hour at 225 degrees, stirring occasionally.

Tomato-Mozzarella skewers. A great appetizer and a nice contrast to salty or spicy foods. This snack is healthy and super-easy to make. Place a cherry tomato, a small cube of mozzarella cheese and a fresh basil leaf on a wooden skewer. Repeat to fill skewer. Place completed skewers in a bowl or arrange on a plate. Drizzle with a bit of Balsamic vinegar for added flavor. That’s it.

Guacamole/Salsa Hard-Boiled Eggs. This is a great twist on traditional deviled eggs, and by eliminating the egg yolk, you cut down on both calories and cholesterol. Hard boil a dozen eggs and when cooled, peel and slice each egg in half. Remove the yolk and replace it with guacamole, your favorite salsa, or a combination of both.

Cucumber-Shrimp Bruschetta. Another great finger food, this appetizer is filling and healthy too. Chop a large cucumber and mix with 1/2 cup non-fat Greek yogurt, 1 tsp dill. Slice a baguette (small, thin loaf of French bread) and toast slices. Chop precooked shrimp into bite-sized pieces. Spread cucumber mixture on toasted slices and top with 1 or 2 shrimp bites.

Try any one or all of these healthy appetizers at your next party. They are each a “cut above” the ordinary, and they’re easy to prepare.

Remember, healthy choices each day can transform families for generations! What choices will you make today?

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3 Responses to Get Ready for Football Season

  1. Erin Ferree says:

    The guacamole eggs sound delicious! I make a similar appetizer with hummus in the middle, as well…
    Erin Ferree recently posted..Creating a new program? Consider its’ impact on your brand…My Profile

  2. OMG!!! I LOVE the Guacamole Eggs! Deviled Eggs are a favorite of mine as is Guac – to have them combined will be bliss!
    Amethyst Wyldfyre recently posted..Successful Business Women – Rat Medicine – When someone tries to “Sell” you on something – do you smell a Rat? Part 2 – ResilianceMy Profile

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