by Jennifer Fugo. If you’re a newbie to the Gluten Free Diet, then yes, you’ve got a lot of learning ahead of you.

When I started out, I scoured the internet for anything that I could read that seemed informative and eventually realized that an old adage does apply- “Keep it Simple.”  The best way to do this is to focus on eating real food that is free from gluten.  That’s why the acronym BROWS comes in handy – it helps point you in the right direction!

My nutritionist, Samantha Grant, and I have found similar issues or learning curves that people experience when going Gluten Free.  Because people’s personal experience with food doesn’t extend much beyond what they’re accustomed, there’s often a lot of confusion to overcome.  Here are four issues that we both commonly address with clients:

Assuming gluten is in everything. Not true.  Though it may appear to be the case when looking at what most Americans eat, you can easily swap out a few items from your meal and end up with something that’s Gluten Free.  In fact, there’s a good chance that you could eat a Gluten Free meal and not even realize it!

Fiber is only present in the wheat. Not true.  Grant urges clients to open their minds about a healthier alternative: fresh fruit and vegetables.  “A 1,000-calorie serving of fresh fruits and vegetables has between two and seven times as much fiber as does a comparable serving of whole grains,” say Grant.  Plus, their fiber is the “heart-healthy, soluble [type] that assists in lowering cholesterol levels.”

Gluten is only in food. Sorry, but that’s also not true.  Though gluten can be in foods that naturally contain gluten as well asthose which are contaminated, you’ve got to keep in mind that gluten is used as a binder and thickener beyond just the food industry.  Grant suggests being on the look out for it to show up in lipsticks and other cosmetics.  It can also be found in envelope adhesive, powdered latex gloves (even the ones you wash your dishes with), prescription medications, toothpaste and mouthwash as well. (Source:

No clue where to start. It’s totally normal to be ‘thrown off your game’ when shifting to a new way of eating.  You’re essentially dealing with an entirely new deck of cards.  So keep it simple by picking just one meal per day and commit to making it Gluten Free.  Grant suggests to start with breakfast by swapping out your traditional breakfast sandwich with a smoothie.  You can check out the smoothies that I make in the morning that are easy, filling and awesomely delicious!

This article was written by a friend of Vitaerobics, Jennifer Fugo. Jennifer is known as the “Gluten Free Guru.” She offers busy, constantly on the go individuals a system of eating and living that best suits them. She can be found at

Remember, knowledge and action set the stage for great health! What action will you take today?

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