Super-Green-Detox-Drink250Intuitively you know it’s time to pick up your health game. Everyday, or most everyday, you wake up feeling tired before your day even begins. You experience a chronic cough. Maybe stiff joints.

Perhaps lower back pain or belly bloat. Maybe even moodiness, brain fog and/or poor concentration… and it’s impacting your productivity at work, in your life, in your relationships and at home.

Feeling less than great is your new normal and you don’t like it. You want to feel energetic again. You want to be able to exceed the results you once were able to consistently produce.

You want to focus your energy on moving forward and ‘squeezing more out of life,’ rather than focusing on chronic symptoms, doctors visits, medications and poor business and life results.

You want to reclaim “I am the Captain of my fate mode again,’ rather than reactionary mode preoccupied with symptoms.

I offer you a foundational credo from my coaching practice that I recommend to all my clients.

I call it Green 3-Ways.

Integrate Green 3-Ways daily and you will begin to shift the quality of your life in ways you never imagined possible from food alone.

Your energy will skyrocket. Your ability to focus, concentrate and remember will sharpen! Your digestion will get stronger and your moods will feel balanced.

Chronic symptoms will begin to subside and renewed energy and clarity will captivate your attention so much that you will feel compelled to up level your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle game.

Green Vegetable Juice

Fresh pressed green vegetable juice alone is a total game changer and my first recommendation for healing the body and reclaiming your health (yes think all the attributes associated with youth). Think an IV infusion of pure vitamin and mineral-water-rich, enzyme-active and phytonutrient laden fuel directed straight to your cells and tissues, and you’d be spot on.

Green vegetable juice requires no digestive fire (energy), so you deeply nourish every cell, tissue and organ in your body, without expending energy. Begin your day, ‘break your fast’ with green juice to support your body’s renewal, revitalizing and rebooting processes and seriously … watch the magic begin!

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies are a hot-ticket healthy drink for many these days. Why? Essentially, you can create a whole, nutrient-dense ‘meal-in-a’glass’ as the best fast-food option possible. Think liquid salad with endless ways to ‘beef up’ the nutrition you want to add to your meal in very delicious blends.

Because smoothies are whole food combinations, they are more satiating than a juice and will easily hold you through that board meeting you’ve got to attend.

By adding ingredients like kale or spinach, almond butter or avocado, with fresh berries or a green apple, you retain all the fiber of each ingredient, so smoothies ‘hold you longer,’ and very easily stand in as a meal replacement. Do note, many pre-made or ‘smoothie-bar’ smoothies are laden with sugar and unhealthy additives, so are not a healthy alternative. If it works better for you to buy your smoothie, find a smoothie/juice bar that offers whole food and fresh blends made to order for you.

Green Salad

I recommend a ‘giant-sized’ salad as a meal everyday — yes, a salad that you once might have made for a first course for your whole family will now be your lunch or dinner.

Include your favorite green and/or wild lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and especially sprouts, avocados and olives. You can even make a salad of just simple greens, but do note that ingredients like sprouts peak in nutritional value, and avocados and olives will satiate you and satisfy you because of their healthy plant-based fats.

To dress your salad, I recommend two of my favorite, but ‘atypical’ mouth-watering delicious ‘dressings as ‘new’ lighter fare recommendations — fresh marinara or fresh salsa. Both ‘dressings’ will transform your salad to a whole ‘next-level-healthy-salad-experience’ while keeping fat to a minimum (No I am not recommending against healthy plant-based fats. Healthy fats are essential, but layering an oil based dressing on top of olives and/or avocados is more than you need.)

Even when on a business luncheon, ask your server to bring a side of marinara or salsa with your salad … everyone at the table will be envying you and your healthy choice!

When making your salad at home, I recommend, when possible, to buy your greens, lettuces and vegetables from your local farmer. Research says that local and seasonal produce peaks in flavor and nutritional density.

With this 3-way formula, including a green juice, a green smoothie and a ‘giant-sized’ green salad everyday, you will exponentially increase the density of nutrition you take in everyday.

You will decrease inflammation and lighten the digestive energy required to process the heavier foods we’ve all been acculturated to associate with common meal options.

Green 3-Ways will change your life in a very pleasing and unexpected ways!


About the Author: Carol Egan is an Executive Health Coach who helps smart, committed professionals look and feel younger so they can create a life they love. She believes that, with the right information, the foods we eat can heal and energize the body, help you lose weight naturally, and increase your productivity, creativity and performance. Learn more about Carol, her approach to health and her business at

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