women-exercising200Let’s face it.  Exercise can become just another boring task in our lives…that is IF we even find the time for it.   Some people are lacking motivation and passion, thus never really starting a fitness program. Others may be utterly frustrated because they try hard at times but always seem to lose momentum, running out of steam and never really sticking with anything very long.  Yet others still have all the best intentions, do their homework, plan it out but allow life to prevent them from starting.  If you relate with any of these, I have good news for you!

Our bodies are a gift, and without good health, we won’t be able to fulfill purpose.  So no matter where you fall, keeping your exercise fresh and exciting will help you stick with it!  So, the first step is to realize that you aren’t like anyone else. If you have been trying to follow someone else’s exercise program, STOP!  We are each uniquely created and approach life (and exercise) differently.  Therefore, we can develop a fitness routine that works with us, not against us.  Did you hear me?  We are going to look at how YOU need to workout.  When it is right for you, you’ll enjoy it.  And when you enjoy something, you’ll do it more often. Guess what happens then?  You will get results.

Ask yourself these simply questions to start: Do you consider yourself to be more outgoing or reserved?  We can be both, but which do you feel most comfortable?  Do you typically prefer to do something versus be with people?  If you had to pick a task or a person, which would you select?

Now read below to find the fitness program that works for you!

For those of us who answered outgoing/task, we are FAST individuals.  We work out because we decide to. We are decision makers with goals.  If we chose being fit as a goal, then most likely, we will develop an intense, fast-paced program and stick to it.  A caution here is to make sure we include safety.  Don’t overdo it and don’t forget to stretch. We can be in too much of a hurry and so focused on the outcome that we forget basic common sense principles.  Options to set yourself up for success are competitive sports, races and goal-oriented fitness regimes.

If you said you are more outgoing but enjoy people, then you are a FUN person.  You want to have fun while you work out.  Being in groups will be critical to your success.  Sign up for group fitness classes and get to know the people in the class.  When others you know will be there, you will want to be there as well.  You don’t want to miss out!  If you don’t know anyone, then you may be easily distracted by other things and not make it to the gym at all.  Don’t try to do it all at once. You may tend to be over zealous with your routine and then burn yourself out quickly.  Try to start off slow with small goals that you can achieve and make sure to celebrate your victories!  And, don’t buy a home-gym system.  It will probably just collect dust. Get out there!

For those of you who responded to reserved/people, you are FRIENDLY.  Working out isn’t the issue for you…it’s about people.  You can care more about other people and being friendly with them than you do your own health.  You’ll probably enjoy one-on-one sessions at the gym, so a workout partner is paramount to your success.  You can be with them and work on your health at the same time.  Allow plenty of time to talk and catch up.  Don’t rush it.  Select activities you enjoy that include people like walking, biking, playing volleyball or hiking.  You’ll find it much easier to avoid the gym and be with friends, but don’t fall into the trap.  You can have both by scheduling time with friends at the health club.  A perfect option for you is Curves® and don’t forget to include the entire family.  When you do that, everyone wins!

If you are the reserved type who prefers tasks, then you are more FACTUAL.  You simply need to schedule the time in on your calendar.  Knowing the fact that being healthy and fit is important, you will treat your fitness schedule like any other meeting or event.  You won’t miss it or be late.  One challenge you may have is scheduling the same old routine.  Make sure you change it up once in a while to give your body a break and concentrate on different areas.  And, don’t get paralyzed by researching the ultimate, perfect plan.  With the Internet, you could get lost in information gathering and never start anything.  Set a deadline for yourself, select what will work for you and then do it!

We are all uniquely created with different personality styles, and it definitely impacts all aspects of our lives, including working out.  I encourage you to begin developing your fitness program based upon your style so that it fits you and sets you up for success!  Remember, when you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to stick to it.  Here’s to FINALLY being fit and staying that way!

About the Author: Lorraine Bossé-Smith is a certified professional behavior analyst (CPBA) who has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs across the country. She is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, business consultant, executive coach, behavioral-wellness expert, and author of eight published books who helps companies rewire their business for success and inspires people toward a healthier, more balanced life. She can be reached at www.lorrainebosse-smith.com

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