It looks like eating healthy is becoming the “in thing” these days, and that’s really good news! A recent article by Bruce Horovitz in USA Today finds that consumers are looking for ways to eat healthy, locally-grown food. Even more important, they even prefer it over fine, restaurant dining.

The 5 chic trends that Horovitz points to in 2013 are:

Street markets rule. Horovitz believes that recipe and ingredient inspiration is now coming from street markets, and this has begun to influence large companies like Chipotle. Already known for their healthy Mexican restaurants, they will be opening a number of Asian-themed restaurants in 2013.

Pure food sells. People want to know what they are eating these days. They want to be able to pronounce the names of all the ingredients and that desire will intensify in the years ahead.

Kids get coddled. Instead of giving kids crayons and toys, restaurants are beginning to cater to parents and kids by offering healthier food options that appeal to kids tastes.

Canning gets cool. As the locally grown trend continues, Horovitz sees a resurgence of home canning, curing and pickling. Again, it is all about knowing what you’re eating and having better control over your food.

Veggies rock. This is one that we are especially excited about! When people eat local, they are more likely to eat veggies, simply because veggies are easy to grow and prepare.

One negative trend noted in the Horovitz article is that big food companies are beginning to play “catch up.” Unfortunately, they are looking for ways to give consumers the perception that their foods are healthy instead of addressing the real issue – actually making their foods healthier.

Still, the new focus on locally-grown, veggie-rich eating is a welcome direction!

Remember, healthy choices you make each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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