There seems to be a pretty clear link between obesity and pain, with the heaviest people suffering the greatest. This shouldn’t really come as a complete surprise. If you are overweight, then your skeleton and muscles have to support all that extra weight. This added stress causes pain over time.

Now researchers have confirmed it. They recently examined data from more than 1 million people (wow, that’s a pretty big study!), and found that those people who were overweight reported suffering from more pain than those who’s weight was within the normal range.

They also found that, as people age, excess weight is associated with even higher levels of pain. And it’s a downward spiral of cause and effect. As people add pounds, and as they age, they tend to have more pain. As they experience more pain, then tend to move less and put on more weight. And so on, and so on…

Even more interesting was the study’s finding that there was a relationship between the pain experienced and obesity itself. Some participants reported pain from one or more chronic disease associated with obesity, but even when these were accounted for, there was still a relationship. That suggests that obesity in itself may cause some pain for people.

One of the issues with weight gain is that people don’t really feel the tangible effects of the added weight. It’s hard to “feel” plaque buildup in your arteries, or the onset of diabetes, both conditions associated with obesity. But it is easy to feel increased pain! So, if you needed another reason to start eating healthy right away, maybe this is it! Reduce pain and live happier by eating healthy!

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