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Eat Great Live Well™
Personalized Wellness Program

Start each day with energy and focus, while putting yourself on the path to a healthier future. Would you like to develop a healthy relationship with food, improve your health, and get off the “diet rollercoaster” forever? This life-changing program is for you.


The Fat Finder™ Calculator

Now you can have the same advantage that the largest hospitals, health clinics and medical offices give their patients – the Fat Finder™. It has already helped more than 650,000 people at organizations like the American Heart Association, Nutrisystem, PacifiCare, and St. John’s Medical Center, eat healthier and it can help you too!



Overcoming Portion Distortion
Audio Program

Find out the secrets of eating healthier in our super-sized world. You don’t have to go hungry, give up your favorite foods, or stop eating out. But, you will think differently about what you eat once you’ve listened to this content-packed podcast.


The P.O.W.E.R. of Healthy Eating

You can eat healthfully without supplements, fad diets or expensive meal plans. You don’t have to go hungry or give up your favorite foods. Just take easy steps described in this book each day to create a healthy future for yourself and the ones you love.



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