stress200If I ask you to think about sucking on a lemon, I can certainly bet that many of you will have your cheeks pucker and you will have extra saliva excrete from your mouth.

Are you actually sucking on a lemon?  Of course not, but your body does not differentiate real from imagined scenarios.  When we worry about our future, and we think about it again and again, the effect is to live each day with the stress of something that might not ever happen.

My son’s girlfriend was getting all worked up about her father delivering a mattress to her apartment.  Her father had loaded the mattress in his truck in the morning before work and it wasn’t going to be delivered until much later that evening.  My son’s girlfriend was all worried and upset.  I just know it is going to rain today and the mattress will be ruined.  It was early in the morning when she told me this.  I told her that worrying about it was wasting energy.  If the mattress were delivered in perfect condition, she would have spent the entire day worrying for nothing.  If the mattress does in fact get wet or ruined, then she should deal with it when it happens – but not one second earlier.

We do this a lot – don’t we?  We replay all of the absolute worst case scenarios and outcomes of potential situations.  We then think so much about those worst case scenarios that our body feels as if it is true.  Our stress hormones skyrocket in our bodies, causing us unneeded pain and suffering.  Most of the time, the worst case scenario never happens and we stressed out our mind and body for nothing.  There are times when bad things do happen, but by the time it does, we are already so stressed and on edge that we then lack the emotional wherewithal to properly deal with the situation.

Remember the lemon.  Stop sucking on it!  Stop bringing the future into today as if it were real.  Save your energy to deal with things if and when they ever actually transpire.  And if they don’t, you have just saved yourself a whole lot of unnecessary grief – and you have saved your body a whole lot of stress.

Remember always that you are worthy, you are lovable, and you deserve goodness in your life!


About the author: Tammy Lynn Guns is an an executive for one of the largest healthcare systems in Colorado. She is also an author and speaker focusing on helping clients develop their own personal power while building their self-respect. Learn more at:

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