Like most people, every now and then I like to eat fast food. I sometimes just have a craving for a Big Mac or a Soft Taco Supreme. So, how can you eat healthy and still enjoy fast food on occasion?

First, it’s important to remember the “on occasion” part! We advise people to follow the 90/10 rule when eating – eat healthy 90 percent of the time and then give in and eat whatever you want the other 10 percent. This means that you shouldn’t eat fast food every day, but once in a while it probably won’t hurt.

Second, and most important, be informed about what you’re ordering. Often, fast food restaurants will have much healthier options on the menu. You just have to find them (hint: they are probably not the items you see in advertisements!). Every major restaurant can provide you with a nutrition fact sheet for everything on their menu – if you ask for it. In fact, they are required by law to provide it to you. A quick scan of the list will give you a pretty good idea of which items are healthier. I try to order items that have fewer total calories, fewer calories from fat, and lower sodium.

One additional thing you might do is take a look at the restaurant’s appetizer menu. The portions are much smaller and they don’t come with all the “extras” like fries, rice, or other sides. For example, at McDonalds you can order an Angus Deluxe Snack Wrap from the appetizer menu. It has all the flavor of an Angus Deluxe Burger with just 1/2 the calories, 1/2 the fat and 1/2 the sodium. Still, it’s not that healthy for you, so you wouldn’t want to eat it every day. But, if you feel like you just have to indulge, it’s a lot healthier than the full on burger!

So, the next time you just “have to” eat fast food, pay attention to exactly what you’re eating, and try to order healthier options. They will help satisfy your cravings without over doing it too much.

Remember, healthy choices you make each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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