Eating healthy can sometimes seem like a difficult task.  Make it easier by cleaning out your refrigerator, getting rid of all the junk food, and stocking your shelves with wholesome and healthy options.  If your cupboards and fridge are full of junk, that is exactly what you’ll eat.  With the right foods available to you in your kitchen, you can easily put together a meal that is more nutritious—and you can do it faster!

So stock up your fridge, pantry and freezer with these healthy foods that are delicious and nutritious!

Stock up Your Fridge with…
Fresh fruit & veggies
Salad Mix
Greek Yogurt
Almond or Soy Milk
Ezekiel Bread

Stock up your Pantry with…
Dried or canned beans
Nuts and seeds
Almond butter

Stock up your Freezer with…
Boneless chicken breasts
Ground turkey
Veggie burgers
Frozen fruit and veggies

Start filling your kitchen with healthy foods and it will be much easier to follow through and achieve your goals.


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