Stressed“Like the stars you twinkle and catch my eye pulling my focus to a new way.
Where a woman can give fully from her heart again and again and again.
She can create power and abundance in her world from her own internal supply.
Yes she can be disciplined and knowledgeable, yet natural and free.
Blazing on and on and on in speed unbounded in potential and laughter.
A reflection that brightens the midnight sky illuminated for all a shinier way to be.”

One of the women that I worked with wrote the above poem for me as a gift.

The message is a profound testimonial for the work we did together. How are you investing in yourself to step more fully into your shining and to give of your gifts into the world without wiping yourself out? That is the key question in the work that I do to support you to manage your stress so you can have more harmonious relationships, better health and to feel passion for what you do.

There is a fine line where you can give too much, over commit and spread yourself too thin. Learning to dance on the edge of giving your energy to others and finding ways to receive energy to restore and refuel your internal tank is a lifestyle choice where you invest in yourself to replenish your energy that you are giving to others.

If you look at energy resources as your checking account, you are constantly giving your energy out into the world for your family, your work and your projects. Overtime, if you keep writing checks and withdrawing from the ATM, you will deplete your energy resources. Once your checking account is empty, you will withdraw from your savings account know as your life force energy also known as Chi or Ki. This is a bigger problem as you deplete these internal stores of energy because once you have tapped out your savings account you are likely burned out or having significant health issues or both.

I help you to refuel your energy bank by prioritizing yourself and how you commit to activities that boost your energy through relaxation, pleasure and fun. Refueling your energy bank is an essential part of how you invest in your SELF as much as you give to others. Investing in your energy bank is linked to living your personal values and will help you to feel resilient against stress in a busy life.


About the Author: Sara Regester, Stress Management Specialist can help you to turn your stressful lifestyle into a successful lifestyle. Go to and download your Free E-Book; The True Cost of Stress and schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation.


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