Are you a parent or grandparent?

Would you like to get coaching from some of the top parenting experts?

Would you like to take advantage of this expert coaching for FREE!

During this summit that starts on February 14th, you will hear from 9 top experts on parenting. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best on how to interact and communicate with your child in an engaging and positive way. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself and your child, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

A recent study by the Washington University School of Medicine found that mothers who are more supportive of their young children may actually be encouraging healthier brain development. In the study, the portion of the brain that plays a key role in memory and stress management was actually larger and more active in those kids who received the most supportive parenting.

The foods that children eat are also important, and that’s why Vitaerobics is participating and supporting this telesummit (a summit held over the web). Johnell McCauley will be one of the experts participating. Her session is titled The Magic of Mealtime: Healthy Connections, Healthy Habits, HealthyFuture.

Johnell is a Food Psychology and Nutrition Expert, and she is passionate about making a difference in the health of today’s families, so you won’t want to miss her session. “Most of the eating habits we have as adults are actually formed during childhood, so creating a healthy relationship with food early in life is important,” says Johnell, “and mealtime can be so much more than just eating. It can help build healthy family relationships, as well as teaching kids about reading, math and science – skills that will benefit them in throughout life.”

Other telesummit sessions include experts on parent-child communication, conflict management, taking care of yourself while taking care of your children, child emotional development, and much more. Through this telesummit, you can hear these experts from the comfort of your own home, via the web. What could be easier! And each session will be recorded so you can listen to just one session or all of them at your convenience.

To find out more about this upcoming FREE telesummit, and to register, just click here. Where else are you going to hear from 9 parenting experts while sitting at home with a warm cup of tea or coffee?

Register now – space is limited, so don’t miss out! You won’t regret it for a minute – and neither will your children!

Register for this telesummit here.

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