If you frequent Taco Bell, then it’s likely that you don’t go there for healthy food. Taco Bell is not known for their healthy fare. Their menu items tend to have a lot of calories and a lot of sodium too.

But, Taco Bell just announced that it wants to fix the high-calorie and high-sodium issues with their menu. They recently announced that they plan to have 20 percent of their combo meals meet the federal government’s recommended dietary guidelines, but not until 2020! Some of their current menu items top the scales at more than 950 calories and more than 1,600 mg of sodium.

Most critics see Taco Bell’s announcement as an attempt to delay further regulation of the food industry. Currently, some legislators and parents are pushing fast food restaurants to offer more healthy choices. If Taco Bell can show that they are providing healthier choices voluntarily, the thinking goes, then pressure from these key groups will be reduced.

The food at fast service restaurants, in general, are not that healthy, and we don’t recommend it. But, having said that, it is probably ok on occasion as a treat. And, we have posted in this blog that there are healthier items on most restaurant menus, if you take the time to find them.

We recommend that, no matter what restaurant you eat at, you ask for the nutritional information for the items on their menu. Review them to make sure you are ordering healthier options.

Remember, healthy choices you make each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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