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It seems that there is more to do and less time to do it these days. Who has the time to eat healthy? The answer is “everyone,” if you just plan a bit ahead. Well, you might say, nutrition is complicated and you don’t know where to start, right? Actually, “no.” Making sure you get the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs doesn’t have to be complicated.

Any positive change in your eating habits, even a small one, will be beneficial. You don’t have to limit yourself to eating only vegan foods, and you don’t have to go “all … Read the rest

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Let’s say up front that we don’t advocate fad diets. “New” or “popular” fad diets that you see in the news are almost always hype. They may be based on some scientific evidence, but many times they are simply an attempt to create something “news-worthy” so that the developer can sell something – a book, diet supplements, a juicer, or something else.

The best way to reach and maintain your ideal body weight is to eat a balanced, healthy diet and to exercise appropriately. Having said that, many people eat for a number of reasons that don’t involve actual hunger. … Read the rest

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When you eat in restaurants, you’re often faced with a choice between what you want to eat and what you know you should eat. What if you could have both?

Eating healthy doesn’t mean denying yourself the foods you love. It really means making healthy choices most of the time. I love doughnuts, but I also know they’re not very good for me. So, I still eat them, but not all the time.

I “splurge” and have doughnuts for a breakfast “treat” maybe once a month. But, when I do eat them, I limit the number I eat. By cutting … Read the rest

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Do you often skip breakfast as you run out the door?

Do you snack on bread or crackers before dinner at restaurants?

A new Cornell study found that people who skip breakfast are more likely to crave high-calorie, low nutritional carbohydrates and starches. Further, the study concludes that this tendency may continue throughout the day. What you eat first at each meal may determine what you eat the most of.

Now, this may not be a total surprise to anyone who has binged on potato chips, cookies or pasta after going without food for a longer-than-usual amount of time. But … Read the rest

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We’ve all heard it before, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But it’s not just any old breakfast we’re talking about. It should be a healthy meal that will enhance your energy and focus throughout the morning. In other words, not just doughnuts and coffee as you run out the door!

For some of us though, mornings are like rushed fire drills. For others, they may be more akin to being on a hamster wheel! So, with your busy schedule, how can you ensure everyone starts the day with a truly healthy breakfast?

First, let’s look at … Read the rest

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