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Food manufacturers have added “nutritional seals” to their products for some time now. I’m sure you have seen these seals claiming “Low Fat,” “Low Sodium,” “All Natural,” or “Heart Healthy,” just to name a few. As we have discussed in previous posts, these seals are intended to draw consumer attention and market foods in a more favorable light. They are not really intended to inform consumers of what foods will help them with healthy eating.

Now Walmart has added another seal. This one labels their own brands as “Great for You.” It will be interesting to see how this new … Read the rest

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Eating healthy can seem almost impossible during the holiday season! We all tend to eat a bit more, and exercise a bit less at this time of year. But you can fix healthier meals that everyone will love, just by making a few simple substitutions.

This holiday season, instead of feeling bad about making and eating your favorite holiday dishes, how about taking those traditional recipes and modify them to start some new family traditions. With some simple substitutions, you can bump up the nutritional value while reducing fat, calories and sodium. And your guests will never know! In fact, … Read the rest

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The latest data from the American Heart Association (AHA) shows an alarming trend in cholesterol levels among Americans. In a recent study, they found that 1 in 5 adults has a cholesterol level above 200*, which is considered high. High levels of cholesterol can significantly increase your risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that occurs naturally in all parts of the body. In fact, your body needs some cholesterol to work properly, but in today’s world, it is very rare to have too little cholesterol. It is much more common to have … Read the rest

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