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Brussels-sprouts-pizza200The fact is that Americans are demanding fresh vegetables when they go out to eat. And restaurants are responding with a range of options. According to one study, it is millennials who are leading the charge.

Here are the numbers: Vegetables dishes on restaurant menus have jumped 11 percent nationally over the last 3 years, and kale has seen a 400 percent increase in menu items. LongHorn Steakhouse, a symbol of the “meat and potatoes meal” if there ever was one, now serves Brussles sprouts and butternut squash, as well as other veggie dishes with its steaks. And California Pizza Read the rest

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Healthy Meals in a Snap

Soup is one of those food categories that can include almost anything. Soup can be a light appetizer or a full meal. It can include just about any type of meat, or no meat at all. It can be a warm, comfortable food on a cold day, or a nice, chilled side dish on a hot summer day.

Soups can be low in calories and fat while still being very filling, and that’s great for anyone trying to watch what they eat. Vegetable-based soups are a great option since they combine a high nutrient density … Read the rest

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Is high-fructose corn syrup bad from you?      

Does using a microwave oven harm your food?     

Can anyone benefit from a gluten-free diet?

We talk a lot about being informed, and understanding what you’re eating. But that doesn’t mean that eating healthfully should be complicated, nor should you “stress out” over what’s being served. Still, you want to serve your family healthy meals when you can, and it’s hard with so many nutrition “myths” floating around out there.

We’ve all heard them – high fructose corn syrup is bad for you, eating carbohydrates will make you fat, or using a microwave … Read the rest

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We get a lot of questions about nutrition and healthy eating, from clients, relatives and friends. Most people are overwhelmed by all the information available. One “expert” says to reduce sugar in your diet. Another one says to eat “super foods” (whatever those are). Still another says to eat little or no carbohydrates. Who do you believe?

Countless diet strategies have been proposed over the years. In fact, if you search the term “diet book” on Google, you get 1,630,000 results! There is the 8 Hour Diet, the Mayo Clinic diet, the Glycemic Index diet, the Volumetrics diet and the … Read the rest

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A new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine says that “dogma and fallacies are detracting from real solution to the nation’s weight problems.”

Among other beliefs that people have about obesity and weight loss, this study claims that skipping breakfast will not lead to weight gain, and that school gym classes don’t make a big difference in kids’ weight. The study claims these are myths.

But, there is a “catch.” Independent researchers say that the authors of this study have deep financial ties to food, beverage and weight-loss product markers, and that “taints” their results. In fact, … Read the rest

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