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In this country, we typically focus meals around some type of protein – meat, chicken, fish, eggs, seafood, or a casserole with one of these items as the main ingredient. Really though, we should be focusing healthy eating on the fruits and veggies, with protein as a side dish.

The typical Mediterranean diet that is the focus on a number of books and eating plans today, follows this healthier approach.  It focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables, plus whole grains and sometimes a protein on the side. Meat is not the focus of most Mediterranean meals, unlike in the U.S.… Read the rest

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Food manufacturers have added “nutritional seals” to their products for some time now. I’m sure you have seen these seals claiming “Low Fat,” “Low Sodium,” “All Natural,” or “Heart Healthy,” just to name a few. As we have discussed in previous posts, these seals are intended to draw consumer attention and market foods in a more favorable light. They are not really intended to inform consumers of what foods will help them with healthy eating.

Now Walmart has added another seal. This one labels their own brands as “Great for You.” It will be interesting to see how this new … Read the rest

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