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The American Medical Association (AMA) recently adopted a new policy that declares obesity a disease that will require costly medical interventions to advance treatment and prevention. Over 35 percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of children and teens are now categorized as having the “disease” of obesity – that is 78 million adults and 12 million children and adolescents –an epidemic of mind-numbing proportions.

“…labeling patients encourages a victim mentality perpetuating learned-helplessness” — Dr. Susan Wilder

While this classification promises to improve access to more interventions, I believe it will miss the mark on what is necessary to address … Read the rest

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Each year the holidays provide a diametrically-opposed period of some of the best of times, and some of the worst — for your overall health.  The holidays are a time of friends, family and joy, as well unprecedented stress, irregular schedules and the temptation of unhealthy food and drink.

This year, LifeScape Premier concierge medical practice founder Dr. Susan Wilder offers some tips and suggestions for maintaining your good health and good cheer throughout the holiday season and getting off on the right foot for a healthy and happy new year.

“Even though the holidays are the time of year Read the rest

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There has been a lot of conflicting diet and nutrition information in the news lately about the benefits of calcium and supplements. While we all know that calcium is essential for our bodies’ normal functioning, each person is different and should speak with their doctor about their personal calcium levels and how to approach diet and nutrition with regard to calcium and supplements.

Dr. Susan Wilder, founder of the Scottsdale concierge medical practice LifeScape Premier has reviewed and researched many recent reports and proposes the following six things you should know about calcium and supplements.

1. There are … Read the rest

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Ever wonder what those strings of numbers mean that you find on stickers on fresh produce? There’s more to “cracking the code” than just a way for the cashier to ring you up at the market. PLU codes or “Price-Lookup Codes” are a standardized way for farmers and sellers of product to store information about the fresh produce we consume, encapsulated into a tiny series of numbers. We absolutely love this graphic that “demystifies” the PLU codes used on produce to help consumers make nutritionally sound choices when shopping.

PLU codes have been used since 1990 and there … Read the rest

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