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emotional eatingCould your emotions be causing your expanding waistline? You had a fight with your spouse or a stressful day at work and you end up grabbing a pint of ice cream to make you feel better temporarily.  Sure, we all crave comfort food from time to time—it can be easy to turn to food for comfort, stress relief or as a reward.

Emotional eating will not fix your emotional problems but instead can make you feel worse.  Learning to recognize your emotional eating triggers is the first step to breaking free from overeating.  Then you will be able to change … Read the rest

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Emotional EatingWe all eat for comfort every now and then.  If you have a stressful day at work, you may grab some ice cream or chocolate instead of a healthy alternative.  Many of us learn that food can bring comfort, at least for a short time.  Small doses of emotional eating aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can quickly develop into a habit—a habit that can lead to weight gain or prevent you from losing weight. Sometimes, we can habitually turn to food in response to certain emotions like anger, sadness, boredom or even happiness.  Situations and emotions that trigger us to … Read the rest

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Before you eat that last potato chip, that piece of chocolate, or that ice cream that you really don’t need, take a breath and think about your actions. Try applying logic instead of emotion.

A lot of people let emotions drive their eating, and this can lead to consuming too much. We eat when we feel sad, lonely, defeated, or depressed. Maybe you’ve experienced it – most people have at one time or another in their lives. When we feel ourselves in these situations, we tend to reach for “comfort foods” like chocolate, ice cream or chips to make us … Read the rest

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