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We get a lot of questions about nutrition and healthy eating, from clients, relatives and friends. Most people are overwhelmed by all the information available. One “expert” says to reduce sugar in your diet. Another one says to eat “super foods” (whatever those are). Still another says to eat little or no carbohydrates. Who do you believe?

Countless diet strategies have been proposed over the years. In fact, if you search the term “diet book” on Google, you get 1,630,000 results! There is the 8 Hour Diet, the Mayo Clinic diet, the Glycemic Index diet, the Volumetrics diet and the … Read the rest

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Healthy Meals in a Snap

Breakfast doesn’t get much attention these days, but it’s still an important meal! We’ve talked about quick and easy dinners, so let’s shift our focus this week to breakfast.

Most people have heard the old adage that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and studies back up that claim. In one study, nearly 80 percent of people that had lost 30 pounds or more and kept it off for at least a year said that they ate breakfast every day. Two studies in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found … Read the rest

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The holidays bring us together with family and friends, and these get-togethers often include a meal. For some, this is an opportunity to visit with people they don’t often see and make new friends. For others, it’s an opportunity to over-indulge, consuming far more than they should.

Eating healthfully during the holiday season can seem almost impossible! We are bombarded by food advertisements on TV, and well-meaning friends and relatives prepare huge feasts. We all tend to eat a bit more, and exercise a bit less at this time of year. But you can fix healthier meals that everyone will … Read the rest

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It turns out that the recent economic recession has resulted in at least one good thing – less eating out. A recent study by NPD Group found that millennials (those aged 18-34) are eating out in restaurants less, and this is something that no generation has done before them.

This is not good news for the restaurant industry, but it may be greatnews for your health. Most restaurant meals are significantly higher in sodium, fat and calories than similar meals cooked at home. So, eating more meals at home should result in a reduced intake of sodium and fat, and … Read the rest

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I found a 2011 study by the University of Michigan the other day. The study suggests that obesity may be an unintended side effect of free markets, and I found that very interesting.

They found that, of the 26 nations studies, countries with a higher density of fast food restaurants per person also had a much higher obesity rate. That’s not too surprising, but here’s where it gets interesting. They also found that those countries with more open markets, including the U.S., the U.K., Austraila and Canada, had a higher concentration of fast food restaurants and higher rates of obesity.… Read the rest

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