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McDonalds announced recently that it was testing the addition of televisions at 700 restaurants throughout the country. But, it’s not just any TV. it’s the custom “M Channel” that’s playing in their restaurants.

Lee Edmondson, who has spent more than 8 years developing the concept for McDonalds, says that the channel’s aim is to offer exclusive content to entertainment customers. But, to me, that is what I like to call the “official story.”

So, what’s the “real story?” Is there any doubt that McDonalds will use their new M Channel to provide ads and promotions with their “entertainment” content? They … Read the rest

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One of the easiest things you can do to eat healthy is go to the market with a shopping list, and then stick to the list. With a list, you’re much less likely to make “impulse purchases.” You know the type I’m talking about: As you’re strolling down the aisle or standing in the checkout line, some product grabs your attention and you buy it – on an impulse.

Here are 5 healthy benefits of making a shopping list before you go to the market:

Meal planning. When you write down what you’re going to need from the store, you … Read the rest

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I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend titled, “The Don’t-Let-It-in-the-House Diet.” In the article, Dan Ariely, who teaches psychology at Duke University, was discussing how our short term search for eating pleasure often overwhelms our long term goal of being healthy.

Ariely believes that dieting is really against our nature as humans. Further, he believes that a diet is one of the most difficult commitments to stick with, even more difficult than stopping smoking. These are both things to consider before starting any diet.

First, dieting is not natural. Humans … Read the rest

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U.S. swimmer Scott Weltz says that he’s a “greasy cheeseburger kind of guy.” Distance swimmer Conor Dwyer says he “loves brownie sundaes.” Gold medalist Missy Franklin likes “big sundaes topped with Gummi bears.” What’s wrong with this picture?

A number of Olympic athletes have said in interviews that they often eat what we would consider “junk food.” Yet, these high fat, high sugar foods certainly don’t show. Most would consider athletes at the Olympic level as great examples of fit, healthy people. So how can they eat junk food and get away with it, when you and I can’t?

It’s … Read the rest

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Let’s face it – today’s fast food is just not that good for you. Sure, all the major chains have salads, broiled chicken, and other somewhat healthy items on their menus, but the majority of their food is loaded with fat, sugar and calories. But, there soon man be a healthy alternative!

A group of former McDonald’s executives has started a new company called Lyfe Kitchen. Their mission is to bring all that they’ve learned about fast food efficiency to healthy food. Their goal is to open 1,000 franchised locations throughout the country within the next few years.

Their … Read the rest

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