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If you live with a picky eater, you’ve probably asked yourself this questions – maybe more than once! When dealing with picky eaters – especially kids – most people just dismiss the behavior and tell the child to eat what’s on their plate. But there are actually reasons why some kids are picky eaters. In the last few years, there’s been a lot of research into just what causes a picky eater to be, well, picky.

Here are 5 reasons that your child may be a picky eater:

Sensitivity to bitter and sour flavors. Studies show that kids will increase … Read the rest

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One of the biggest contributors to childhood obesity is the massive amount of food served at most restaurants. If you have been out to eat recently, you know what I’m talking about. Portion sizes in most restaurants are huge.

For example, at McDonalds today a small Coke is about the same size as a large Coke was 15 years ago. At Wendy’s, you can order a burger that has 2, 3 or even 4 beef patties. And these are just examples. I don’t think I’ve eaten an entire restaurant meal by myself in years!

A new study has found that … Read the rest

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Do you have a picky eater in your home? Today, picky eating as a child is almost considered “normal.” But, most people outgrow their picky habits as they mature, and picky eating usually peaks in the toddler and preschool years.

Many parents worry that their picky eater is not getting enough nutrients to grow normally. This is rarely the case, however. Of course, if you suspect that your child’s growth pattern is not normal, you should consult your child’s health care provider. But, in most the vast majority of cases, some dislike of certain foods during childhood is not an … Read the rest

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A recent study by the Washington University School of Read the rest

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When it comes to childhood obesity, the media often looks for someone to blame. People are quick to chastise the food industry as the cause and then bash the industry for marketing unhealthy foods to kids. I can count myself among those who have called out food manufacturers, trying to shame them into producing and marketing healthier food products. But, there might be another way to approach the problem.

Recently, the first Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Summit took place in Washington, D.C. Instead of bashing the food industry, this organization is taking a partnership approach. They have secured … Read the rest

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