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Whether you think genetically-engineered foods (GMOs) are ok to eat or something to be avoided, you do have a right to know if you’re feeding them to your family! And, that’s what California voters will decide next Tuesday.

California’s Prop 37 requires that food manufacturers label GMO foods. Not surprisingly, large food manufacturers like Monsanto, Dupont, PepsiCo, DOW, Kraft Foods and Kelloggs have lined up against the proposition. At the same time, many organic and natural food manufacturers are supporting it.

This issue can be confusing, and it’s not as black and white as people on both sides … Read the rest

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Like most people, every now and then I like to eat fast food. I sometimes just have a craving for a Big Mac or a Soft Taco Supreme. So, how can you eat healthy and still enjoy fast food on occasion?

First, it’s important to remember the “on occasion” part! We advise people to follow the 90/10 rule when eating – eat healthy 90 percent of the time and then give in and eat whatever you want the other 10 percent. This means that you shouldn’t eat fast food every day, but once in a while it probably won’t hurt.… Read the rest

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We have said it many times before in this column, but it bears repeating: In order to eat healthy, you have to know what you’re eating, and that means learning to read the label. It’s not that hard – really!

There is a wealth of information on the labels of packaged foods, and here’s the first tip: It’s not on the front of the package! Instead, learn to read the Nutrition Facts panel and the Ingredients list. This is where the really important information is located.

At first, these may seem intimidating, but with a few simple guidelines, you can … Read the rest

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What is the number 1 most consumed vegetable in America?

Does pizza sauce count as a vegetable?

What percentage of kids don’t eat at least some vegetables every day?

Childhood obesity is a growing problem, especially in the U.S. The sad part is that it’s almost totally avoidable! This is a disease that doesn’t have to happen, but it does. Reducing health care costs is an important topic today, and there is no better way to reduce them than to prevent chronic disease in the first place.

The American Diabetes Association estimates that almost 10 percent of the American population … Read the rest

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We’ve all heard about “healthy” foods that we should eat. But, how healthy are they, really? Here are 6 foods that many health magazines and nutrition gurus claim that should eat, but may actually not be that good for you. See what you think.

Reduced Fat Peanut Butter. Peanut butter can have lots of protein and other important nutrients. Unfortunately, it can also have a lot of fat and calories too. Some popular brands can be as much as 70 percent fat! When manufacturers remove the fat, they often add artificial or natural sweeteners to maintain the flavor. This can … Read the rest

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