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Brussels-sprouts-pizza200The fact is that Americans are demanding fresh vegetables when they go out to eat. And restaurants are responding with a range of options. According to one study, it is millennials who are leading the charge.

Here are the numbers: Vegetables dishes on restaurant menus have jumped 11 percent nationally over the last 3 years, and kale has seen a 400 percent increase in menu items. LongHorn Steakhouse, a symbol of the “meat and potatoes meal” if there ever was one, now serves Brussles sprouts and butternut squash, as well as other veggie dishes with its steaks. And California Pizza Read the rest

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If you frequent Taco Bell, then it’s likely that you don’t go there for healthy food. Taco Bell is not known for their healthy fare. Their menu items tend to have a lot of calories and a lot of sodium too.

But, Taco Bell just announced that it wants to fix the high-calorie and high-sodium issues with their menu. They recently announced that they plan to have 20 percent of their combo meals meet the federal government’s recommended dietary guidelines, but not until 2020! Some of their current menu items top the scales at more than 950 calories and more … Read the rest

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A recent study found that most children’s meals at the nation’s top restaurants are failing when it comes to good nutrition and healthy eating. The study was done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the findings are downright scary!

Among other things, the study found that 91 percent of children’s meals at the restaurant chains studies do not meet the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell menu standards. Specifically, 50 percent of the children’s meals contained more than 600 calories, and many were more than 1000 calories! To put this in context, the government’s dietary guidelines recommend … Read the rest

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It looks like eating healthy is becoming the “in thing” these days, and that’s really good news! A recent article by Bruce Horovitz in USA Today finds that consumers are looking for ways to eat healthy, locally-grown food. Even more important, they even prefer it over fine, restaurant dining.

The 5 chic trends that Horovitz points to in 2013 are:

Street markets rule. Horovitz believes that recipe and ingredient inspiration is now coming from street markets, and this has begun to influence large companies like Chipotle. Already known for their healthy Mexican restaurants, they will be opening a … Read the rest

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Like most people, every now and then I like to eat fast food. I sometimes just have a craving for a Big Mac or a Soft Taco Supreme. So, how can you eat healthy and still enjoy fast food on occasion?

First, it’s important to remember the “on occasion” part! We advise people to follow the 90/10 rule when eating – eat healthy 90 percent of the time and then give in and eat whatever you want the other 10 percent. This means that you shouldn’t eat fast food every day, but once in a while it probably won’t hurt.… Read the rest

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