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Do your kids eat a lot of snacks?

Are they healthy snacks?

A new study published in the International Quarterly of Community Health Education finds that U.S. Children consume about a quarter of their daily calories from snacks.

Children in the study reported consuming an average of 302 calories per day from calorically dense, nutrient poor snacks such as cookies, potato chips and candy. At the same time, children consumed only 45 calories per day from fruit and vegetable snacks. This is far too much unhealthy snacking!

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Studies show that Americans are now doing a record amount of between meal snacking. In fact, in many cases it may add up to one quarter or more of the total calories the average person eats each day. Now, if these were healthy snacks, then that might be alright, but they’re not. Most snacks consist of chips (corn or potato), candy, sugary soda, or other calorie dense, nutrient sparse foods. These are foods that pack on the weight, while providing almost no nutritional value.

For example, it’s hard to walk through a neighborhood shopping mall without smelling the enticing aroma … Read the rest

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