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coke-machines200Americans consume too much sugar, and it’s killing us! A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) finds that more than 70 percent of U.S. adults get more than the recommended amount of their daily calories from added sugars. Even more shocking is the direct link to higher levels of sugar consumption and higher incidents of death due to cardiovascular disease! Added sugar in our diet is literally killing us!

We are not talking about sugars that naturally occur in foods, like the sugar in fruit. The study looks specifically at those sugars added to … Read the rest

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vending-machines200A new Harvard University study may hold the key to reducing the consumption of high-calorie beverages. The study looked at sales of high-calorie beverages (those with more than 150 calories per container and lower-calorie alternative beverages (those with less than 150 calories per container) in vending machines at a large financial company. High-calorie beverages in the study included soda, lemonade, some fruit juices and whole chocolate milk.

The Harvard study had two parts. In the first part, researchers raised the price of high-calorie beverages by just one cent per ounce (a pretty small change) while keeping the price of lower-calorie Read the rest

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Healthy Meals in a Snap

soda-alternative200One half of Americans drink a soda or other sugary beverage each day, and 1 in 20 drinks the equivalent of more than 4 cans of soda each day. That’s the finding of a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sweetened drinks are linked to the explosion of obesity (especially childhood obesity) and its related medical problems. Of course, the American Beverage Association disputes the connection, but the data seems pretty clear. Health officials have been urging people to cut back for years, but advocates say those efforts have not been … Read the rest

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It appears that now it is a challenge to even advocate for “recommended” sugar levels in foods! The Center for Science in the Public Interest has filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration urging the agency to identify a safe level for added sugars in beverages.

That seems like a “no-brainer” to me. Why wouldn’t you want to know what sugar level is safe? High-fructose corn syrup and other added sugars are “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. The problem is that many groups believe that, although these sugars are generally safe, they are not safe when … Read the rest

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Perhaps you’ve already seen one of their new ads. Coca-Cola company is airing a 2 minute spot on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC to say that they support anti-obesity campaigns. In the ads, they say they have don’t their part by providing drinks with fewer calories and drinks in smaller sizes. They caution people against consuming too many calories from any source, including soft drinks.

Pardon me, but isn’t that like Ford Motor Company telling you to save gas by owning fewer cars? Or, Allstate advising you to save money by purchasing less insurance? Or, Costco telling you to watch … Read the rest

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