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New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine finds strong evidence that drinking sugary drinks like soda leads to a higher risk of obesity. The study involved more than 33,000 Americans and lasted several decades. It studied the interaction between consuming sugary drinks and the genes that affect weight. The study found that drinking sugary drinks actually amplified a person’s risk for obesity.

Two other major studies found that giving children and teens calorie free alternatives to the sugary drinks they usually consume leads to less weight gain. Together, the results of these three studies strongly suggest that … Read the rest

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According to a new study, obesity in America will grow from about 33 percent of the population today to at least 44 percent by 2030 unless something is done. And, that same study predicts that 13 states may see adult obesity rates of over 60 percent!

This is happening at the same time that a national discussion on reducing medical costs is in full swing. What is the easiest way to reduce medical costs, in our opinion? Reduce obesity. Obesity has been linked to so many preventable diseases like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. “If states could reduce their residents’ … Read the rest

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At this point, you’ve no doubt heard about Mayor Bloomberg’s effort to ban large sodas at restaurants in New York City. Is this a good thing, or is it just an extension of the “nanny state?”

If you haven’t heard about this effort, here’s a short recap: Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to limit all sugary drinks at restaurants, delis, sports arenas and movie theaters to 16 ounce or smaller cups. You can continue to get the equivalent of a large soda (32 ounces in most fast food restaurants), but you’ll have to order it as 2 – 16 ounce drinks.… Read the rest

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Nearly 3 out of 5 California voters support a special fee (also known as a tax) on soft drinks to help fight childhood obesity! That’s the finding of a new survey of 1,000 likely voters.

In a previous post, we talked about a wellness expert in Australia that was proposing a tax on high-fat foods to help combat the obesity trend in that country. Now, it seems that, in California at least, voters are willing to back similar proposals.

Childhood obesity is a significant and growing problem in this country, as well as other developed nations. We believe that it … Read the rest

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The government recently announced that it was working on setting nutritional standards for foods that children can buy outside the cafeteria. This includes what they buy from vending machines located throughout many schools.

It turns out that students consume between 20 and 50 percent of their total daily calories at school. With so many calories being consumed during the school day, the administration wants to make sure that what our children are eating contributes to good health and smaller waistlines. But, efforts to restrict what school kids eat outside the lunchroom have been controversial in the past.

It’s no surprise … Read the rest

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