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Most of us inherently know that people who watch a lot of television are more likely to be overweight, but how bad is it? Well according to Brian Wansink in Mindless Overeating, watching television is considered a “triple threat.”

Aside from leading you to eat, it leads you to not pay attention to how much you eat and it leads you to eat for too long. It’s a scripted, conditioned ritual – we turn on the TV, we sit down in our favorite spot, we salivate and we go for a snack. Eating or drinking gives us something to … Read the rest

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While we generally like to write posts about the underlying causes of addictions, eating disorders, and emotional eating, sometimes there are some external and cultural cues that we need to recognize if we want to lose weight. Here’s a great example of how shopping at Costco can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

40 adults were invited to watch a videotape and give some feedback when it was over. They were also given a complimentary bag of M&Ms to eat while reviewing the video. Half were given a one-pound bag, the other half were given a half-pound bag. After the program, … Read the rest

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