own-your-thoughts300That tool you might ask, “is what”?  Well, simply put……… Your THOUGHTS!

Nothing can be brought into form without first Creating it in your Mind.  NOTHING!

Most of us, at least one point in our life, have believed that Life just happens to us.  That we have no control as to Life’s circumstances.  It’s just bad luck.  We don’t ever seem to catch a break.

Yet, my observations and communications with these “unlucky” people . . .  the ones with such supposedly bad luck, is that they believe Life is unfair.

If you are one of these people, then I challenge you look at Life as the highly successful people do.  They see Life as a series of riddles to be solved or opportunities to expand their consciousness.  They don’t see Life as unfair, or even fair.  They just “See” Life, as . . . Life.

For when we are “Seeing” a circumstance as bad, and even good for that matter, we are labeling the experience.  Labels are like placing that experience into a box.  As though it could be measured or weighed.

Yet, when we have a “positive” / “good” experience the photo we show or the description we offer to our friends and family is NEVER sufficient to the actual EXPERIENCE itself.  True?

Now, “Seeing” the Experience as Life’s way of giving us feedback is far healthier and much more enjoyable as well.  Feedback is just that . . . Life giving us back what we “FEED” it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Although, it’s not the result that’s important, it’s our initial thoughts and our response to the event that will CREATE the World we call our present Life.

Did you know researchers tell us we have approximately 60,000 thoughts each day?  That approximately 98% of our thoughts are repeated each day AND that approximately 80% are negative?  It’s true.

So, why don’t we wire our thoughts to “See” the beauty in all things?  Because most researchers believe we are hard-wired to have negative thoughts.  It’s the survival mechanism of always looking for the predators out there hunting us.

So, if they are correct in that belief, that we are wired to be negative, then it’s even more imperative to not label experiences, or even thoughts, as positive or negative.  Just see it as feedback.

Just allow yourself to listen to the World give you feedback every day.  And, if you like what the World is telling you, then continue that thinking, those feelings and those actions, and you will continue to reap more of the same.  If you don’t want more of that result, then Transform your thoughts, feelings and actions to CREATE a new outcome.

Isn’t this Life Wonderful?  I guess it depends on how you look at it and what you look at, right?  Well, I “SEE” Beauty all around me on a daily basis!  And you can too!

About the Author: Dr. L. Jon Porman is a Sports Performance and Sports Injury Specialist who has worked with more than 950 professional and Olympic athletes from 27 countries. He can be reached at SuccessofaChampion@gmail.com.

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