todays-dietitian-symposium200We just returned from the Today’s Dietitian Spring 2015 Symposium in Las Vegas, and it was amazing! This was the first time we had attended these events and we were overwhelmed with the quality of the speakers and the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge. It was a great experience and we came back with lots of ideas that we will be bringing to all of you who follow our blog.

We attended presentations on everything from “Diabetes and Weight Loss” to “Food and Beverage Pairings.” We even saw a presentation by the Registered Dietitian from the TV program, The Biggest Loser. She talked about what actually goes into preparing the guests and then coaching and monitoring their progress.

The bottom line for us is that Registered Dietitians will be playing an increasingly important role going forward. As the nation struggles with obesity and all its related issues, we need to get back to basics. One presenter used the old saying, “You can’t out train a poor diet.” That saying may be old, but it is true today more than ever.

We need to stop looking for miracle workouts and quick fixes and get back to eating healthfully.

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