Step 1 to a Healthy Meal: Make a Plan

Even the best plans fail now and then. Many people throw in the towel when a plan falls apart. They may decide that greasy burgers are the only choice for dinner or that the vending machine is the best lunch option. But my skilled clients have Plan B already in the works. Plan B comes into play when you drive to work with your bagged lunch on the roof of your car. Or when your child is sick, or you get stuck in traffic or your boss moves up a deadline.

Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, there’s usually a way to get a nutritious meal or snack.

Step 2 to a Healthy Meal: Plan B

Stock your kitchen with ready-to-eat staples.

If you forgot to pack a lunch or a snack, you don’t need to suffer through hunger pangs or eat something unhealthful. Instead keep a few things on hand at work or in your purse, laptop bag or car.

  • Pouches of ready-to-eat tuna or salmon
  • Cans of vegetable or tomato juice
  • Low fat yogurt or cottage cheese for your office refrigerator
  • Lower-calorie, portion-controlled frozen or shelf-stable meals
  • Nuts in ¼-cup portions
  • Peanut butter in individual packets or a jar and whole grain crackers

Create your own takeout menu.

Avoid temptation at any restaurant by shrinking your menu options to only those choices that meet your health goals. Using the fast food or other restaurant online menu, write down the two to five best options. Do this for every place you typically visit. Keep your lists on index cards, a small notebook or in your smartphone. Skip the full menu and use only your personalized menu. Easy peasy way to stay on track.

So you see, a good plan will get you far, but it’s a back-up plan that takes you the distance.

Cheers to happy, healthy eating!

Jill Weisenberger

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