McDonalds announced recently that it was testing the addition of televisions at 700 restaurants throughout the country. But, it’s not just any TV. it’s the custom “M Channel” that’s playing in their restaurants.

Lee Edmondson, who has spent more than 8 years developing the concept for McDonalds, says that the channel’s aim is to offer exclusive content to entertainment customers. But, to me, that is what I like to call the “official story.”

So, what’s the “real story?” Is there any doubt that McDonalds will use their new M Channel to provide ads and promotions with their “entertainment” content? They have said that they want to eventually “enhance” the user experience by directing viewers online to shopping site or other special opportunities. I suspect that they will very quickly add links and ads tied into their own product promotions, like the toys they feature in Happy Meals or the Coca Cola glasses they have sold the last few years.

What parent will be able to resist their child’s repeated requests for toys, games and services that they see over and over again while eating at a McDonalds restaurant? And make no mistake about it – McDonalds will make money from every M Channel offer!

While other companies like Disney are moving away from unhealthy ads on their channels, you can be assured that McDonalds will pepper their new M Channel with lots of ads for meal discounts, dessert “specials” and other offers that feature their food products – products that have been shown to be less than totally healthy, especially for children.

Let me know what you think about McDonalds’ new M Channel.

Remember, healthy choices you make each day can transform your family for generations! What choices will you make today?

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